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Video Premiere:
Venetian Blinds - Blood Geranium
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 25th July, 2019
Today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the debut film clip from Melbourne goths Venetian Blinds - following on from the release of their single ‘Blood Geranium’ in May, the new clip adds an extra layer of eeriness to the track’s captivatingly dark atmosphere.
‘Blood Genarium’ opens with an ominous, almost droning, snare-drum beat, which rattles ceaselessly as the track unfolds, first with a sludgy bassline before waves of immersive guitars and translucent synths gently float in. Just as quickly as the sinister soundscape formed, it shifts, and vocalist Phoebe Taylor moves in with her ethereal voice, which drifts dreamily while the instrumentation blooms around her.

Although her vocals shimmer over the murk, they don’t quite lift the gloomy atmosphere - instead, they slowly build and morph, until the layers blend in with the instrumental to create something even more haunting. Both unnerving and powerfully emotive, the track continues on, lilting hypnotically as the sprawling instrumentation rises and falls, until a final drum hit signals ’Blood Geranium’ to fade away.

Today the single is paired with a striking video clip, created by Oscar O'Shea, which perfectly matches the unearthly sounds that Venetian Blinds create on ‘Blood Geranium’ - the visuals flickering and faltering as the track warps and skews. Featuring the band lingering ominously in a shadowy room, interspersed with moments of grainy VHS footage, the result is as enthralling as it is disorientating.

In the time it’s taken for this premiere to come out, Venetian Blinds have already gone and released another single, as they continue to work away on their debut album. You can listen to ‘Silent Killer’ now, which they’ll be launching tomorrow night at Nighthawks with Body Maintenance and Deep Red.

Check out the clip for 'Blood Geranium’ above, and catch Venetian Blinds tomorrow night, July 26th, at Nighthawks.