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The Eyeballers - On The Run
Words by James Lynch
Friday 2nd August, 2019
Ahead of their launch tonight at Bar Open, local surf-rockers The Eyeballers have just dropped ‘On The Run’ - a blast of frenzied garage-psych that doesn’t skimp on the energy or manic chaos.
Following the release of their debut single ‘Lost at Sea’ in May, The Eyeballers are back with ‘On The Run’, as they continue to journey deeper into the void with their amalgamation of experimental surf rock and raucous psychedelia.

Playing like the soundtrack to a bank robbery, ‘On The Run’ opens slowly with a buoyant bassline while guitar chords crash and warble, before the band kick into gear and the track shoots into a manic groove. We’re immediately hit by an affronting lead guitar, which spirals over a propulsive rhythm section, before the mood steadies and the band shift into the only verse of the song. Following some yelps from guitarist/vocalist Nick Hasting which tell the tale of a murderous wife (worryingly, the band tell us that “we draw inspiration from quirky stories that happen in our lives”), The Eyeballers blast back into the frenzy - fuelled by heaps of chaotic energy, the guitars are more visceral than ever as the band careens and warps to ride the track out.

Have a listen to 'On The Run' above, and catch The Eyeballers launching the new single tonight, August 2nd, at Bar Open.