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ALLOLA - Carry
Words by James Lynch
Friday 16th August, 2019
We’re wrapped to be premiering the new single from Melbourne pop force ALLOLA - ‘Carry’ is a blast of spirited electro-pop that manages to feel as infectious as it does poignant.
Following on from last year’s ‘High Horse’, ‘Carry’ finds Alex Latham, the mastermind behind ALLOLA, effortlessly recapturing the empowering atmosphere and classic 80’s production that made her previous single so invigorating.

Picking up where ‘High Horse’ left off, ’Carry’ doesn’t take long to kick into gear - opening with waves of shimmering synths, the track quickly picks up a powerful groove, with a fiery bass drone quaking alongside a driving backbeat. Alex instantly takes the reins of the track with her velvety voice while the layers of synths unfold around her, pulling pack as her melody becomes more emotive, just to explode open at a soaring chorus. Despite the track’s contagious energy, her lyrics are slightly heavier, as she explains “I wrote ‘Carry’ about the issue of mental health. I remember struggling through a lot of self doubt during this time and my mind was always racing a million miles an hour. I found that by surrounding myself with people who supported me it really helped pull me out of this state of mind.”

That said, the track refuses to be shackled by the weight of its subject matter, and instead, masterfully plays on the turbulence of the topic. After a punchy instrumental break, we drift into a poignant bridge and Alex’s vocals are strikingly tender, just before ‘Carry’ erupts into one final chorus, this time electrified by a euphoric sax solo from Prince’s touring saxophonist Adrian Crutchfield, which undeniably ignites the track and leaves us reeling. Speaking about the mixture of light and dark in the track, Alex shares “I wanted to create a track that felt light and fun. When talking of such weighty issues I feel there needs to be some form of relief from the intensity of the topic. I hope this track can bring to light a conversation about mental health and encourage those struggling to be strong, seek help and know they are not alone.”

Have a listen to 'Carry’ above, and head to ALLOLA's Facebook page to keep up with everything she has going on.