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Open Hearts and Loud Noises -
A Chat between 100 and Dr Sure's Unusual Practice
Words by James Lynch
Interview by Jaryd Lee and Dougal Shaw
Thursday 17th October, 2019

Kindred spirits (or kingswood spirits, perhaps?), 100 and Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice have both notched up a huge 2019, both acts spending most of the year spewing their different variations of weirdo-punk over audiences around Australia. Despite having already played three shows together over the year, they’re joining forces once more for Weird Place Fest 3 this Saturday at The Tote.

Ahead of a big weekend of shows, we eavesdropped on Dougal from Dr Sure’s and Jaryd from 100, as they chat new music, Weird Place Fest and what it means to be kingswood spirits.
Jaryd: Hey Dougal, how have you been, man? Keen to link up and do more rock with you this weekend! Any new material worked its way into the live set since I last saw you?

Dougal: Jaryd, my boi, I’ve been good man. Stoked to have some 100 in my life this weekend. Yeah been working on heeeeaps of new stuff, playing a couple on this next run of shows but it's mainly tunes off the album - we have Emily Cartwright filling in on bass for this upcoming tour so we mainly taught her the hits.

Jaryd: Keen to hear it! I saw via le instagram you went away for a week or so to put down new ideas. Where did you go for this and how much did you get done?

Dougal: Yeah it was kinda random, but I had a couple of weeks before I went back to work at the end of the album tour. My dad had just driven us around for the Queensland leg of the tour and he was heading to Bali for the first time with a couple old mates, I tagged along and spent a couple weeks just writing and surfing and eating nasi goreng. Got heaps of ideas down. The funny thing is my house was robbed two days after I got home and I lost a lot of it on my lappy. Luckily there were a couple of the more finished tunes I showed Jake when I got home that got saved, but I've also been writing a shitload since I got back, trying to make up for lost time haha.

Jaryd: Sounds like a pretty chill way to go about writing - very into that. Did that environment relax the sound of what you were working on? Or were you still in a post-tour frenzy and belt it all out? Man, that blows about your laptop/instruments/other stuff that you and your partner/housemates had stolen. I'm glad you recovered some songs though.

Dougal: If anything, the songs were more informed by the tour and the live show. I was just demoing stuff with guitar, drum machines and software synths, but my plan is to get the band a bit more involved in the next album. I did the first one solo just cos it’s something I wanted to do, but after playing them with the band they definitely went to another level. Keen to try capture that energy for album two. What about you guys? Any freshies?

Jaryd: Excellent. Your band members own their chops, something good is certainly going to come together when they're in on the album!! We have a couple new ones that we've been playing for a couple months now. New singles etc that are bound for release soon. We're on bit of a break from shows after this weekend, so we'll be hammering out new ones and recording for the rest of the year.

Dougal: Yes good news - you guys put out the Cortisone EP last year and I've rinsed it, so was hoping there was something coming. What's the vibe - the big debut album or EP 2?

Jaryd: Next release vibe will be a couple singles, then resulting in another EP next year. This one will be one or two tracks longer than Cortisone was though, baby steps y'know. There's still a few things sonically I think we are messing with/getting our heads around before delving into full blown album.

Dougal: Keen as. Last time I saw you guys play Colby sang lead on a track, which makes three lead singers in the band. I love how fluid you guys are with genre, what's the writing process? Anyone take the reins or is it pretty democratic? To follow up, how does it feel to be blessed with three angelic voices and do you think your inevitable solo careers will lead to some division in the 100 camp?

Jaryd: Thanks man! Generally speaking, we individually have the reins at the start then it turns into a more democratic thing, if that makes sense. Sometimes songs are born out of little riffs or beats someone has and a song can just come together in half an hour, other times ideas can be sitting around for a little while and just need that time to result in something we are happy with. Haha, I don't know about angelic! Solo careers… aiaiai! Who knows to be honest - we'd probably all end up in each others bands anyway. We'd just end up confused.

Dougal: I love it, seems like everyone is bringing their own flavours and it makes it really hard to pin down. I noticed the bloggos and people of Bigsound losing their minds trying to put a label on it. How was Bigsound from your perspective?

Jaryd: Definitely so. Everyone has different backgrounds in music so can make for an odd mix at times. Bigsound was fun, crazy and worth it. Each show was excellent as was everyone we met. Saw so many great bands that I hadn't discovered. Probably lost a kg or two from lugging our gear around the Fortitude Valley in 30 degrees, which is a plus.

Dougal: Make hits, get fit. Huge combo.

Jaryd: We chatted on the phone the other day, it came to light that you're kind of the house band for Weird Place Festival… this will be number three, right? As a seasoned veteran, tell us what we're in for?

Dougal: Haha yeah, it was us and Noughts, the band of Weird Place head honcho Rich, who had played both the first two. Noughts have since folded so we are the torchbearers. The last two were mental, Rich has done an amazing job of building it up, selling out each event so far and now going big on the full three stage Tote takeover. And it’s looking like another sell out is on the cards.

Rich seems to have found a pocket in the Melbourne scene that wasn’t being backed and then he’s bringing a bunch of interstate bands down that exist in similar pockets around Australia and building community. He’s stayed true to his vision and his musical taste and I feel like Weird Place has a very solid identity because of that. The big Weird community. Open hearts and loud noises!

Weird Place is your third or fourth or fifth Melbourne show this year, right? And I think it’s our third 100/Dr Sure show for the year? Stoked when you were announced on this. Was that a conscious thing to tour and get down here a bunch this year or did you just miss us?

Jaryd: Sounds excellent, some people just know how to nail it! We're very excited to be a part of this one! Hmm. I think fifth Melbourne show and yes, third 100/Dr Sure show. Time’s flying! Half conscious half not, I guess. The goal was definitely to bring our mess to other states this year. We've been lucky in the process to have had some great shows thrown our way that we couldn't say no to. Basically though we'll take any chance we get to see you folks.

Dougal: Nice, well I think it's working for you cos Melbourne's definitely getting around 100. We had a similar idea this year to get out as much as we could, we're back in Sydney next weekend playing a couple of shows with Flight To Dubai, our fourth run up the East Coast for the year. The question is, can we crash on your couches again haha?

Jaryd: I hope so, Melbourne is always a blast so we wanna keep coming back! Ooft, they're gonna be great shows! Our couches are your couches, of course! To wrap this up - tell us what or who you have been listening to lately, and any closing words/things the world should be expecting from Dr Sure's Unusual Practice?

Dougal: My girlfriend recently bought the last two Warpaint albums on vinyl so they’ve been getting rinsed, I bought both Bench Press records when we toured with them up in Queensland and they’ve been getting a solid spin. RMFC is prob my most played for this year. In terms of Dr Sure, we have this tour run then a November residency at The Old Bar to celebrate one year since our first shows, which was a November residency at The Tote last year. A couple local festivals and then all eyes on the prize – album two, the full band album. Very excited to get deep into that one and take it WORLDWIDE baby! I’m gunna throw that same question straight back at you…

Jaryd: Good call, good call. Keen to see you on the weekend and when in Sydney! I'll be waiting patiently for album two! Pist Idiots new EP Ticker has been on a fair bit, and Pinch Points after seeing them up at Bigsound! As far as 100 goes, the remaining shows for the year are all in October: 17th - A. Swayze & the Ghosts at The Lansdowne (SYD), 18th - The Retreat Hotel (Brunswick), 19th - Weird Place 3, 20th - Weird Place hangover show (TBA), then closing out the year with Fairgrounds Festival in Berry. There's a new track coming in November and other than that we'll be writing and recording for EP 2. See you on the weekend!

Dougal: Busy boys. The first tour I ever went on our old bands (Breve/Bad Valley) played three NSW shows together. At the end of the last show, in the RAD bar car park in Wollongong, your drummer Jordan pronounced that we were "Kingswood Spirits”, we realised he meant kindred spirits and all had a good laugh. Fast forward five or six years and we still out here travellin’ the same highway, playin’ the same shows. This isn’t a question but just wanted it to be on record cos it still makes me smile. See you Friday, KINGSWOOD SPIRITS 4 LIFE.

You can catch 100 tomorrow night, October 18th, playing their first headline show in Melbourne at the Retreat Hotel, before both 100 and Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice hit Weird Place Fest 3, this Saturday, October 19th, at The Tote.