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Video Premiere:
Dom & The Wizards - The Book of Timothy
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 4th December, 2019
Adelaide oddities Dom & The Wizards have shared with us their new clip for ‘The Book of Timothy’, a sprawling collage of hazy footage that pairs with the track’s garage-folk sway and weirdo spirit.
One of the more mysterious submissions we’ve received, Dom & the Wizards are a group led by Dom Trimboli of Wireheads, with the rest of the band made up of self-described “Adelaide antiheroes”, featuring members from The Garden Path, The Highbeamers, The Maraby Band, Nylex, Dead Roo and Rex Wonderful and the Silk Sheets. Their debut album The Ongoing Adventures of Dom & The Wizards is to be released soon, but potentially has already been dropped - I couldn’t quite figure it out. Nevertheless, the album’s first single ‘The Book of Timothy’ works as a perfect gateway into the band’s wonderfully quirky world.

Opening with an acoustic guitar jangle and a freaky organ, ‘The Book of Timothy’ slowly expands with waves of meandering guitar, gentle percussion and Dom’s ambling vocals. Riding the line between spoken word and chanted singsong, Dom has us hooked as he conjures all kinds of imagery with his surreal lyrics, his poetic rambles demanding our attention while sounding equally unfazed. At over five minutes, the track’s shaggy groove and ramshackle production has plenty of time to wash over us, but before we know it, the instruments slowly fade away and ‘The Book of Timothy’ feels just like a happy memory.

Today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the new clip for the track, created by Alex Gordon-Smith, which does well to match the off-kilter charm of ‘The Book of Timothy’. Playing like a visual collage, the clip is made up of shots of the band recording and performing live, interspersed between warped found footage, which ends up making it difficult to place exactly when and where the clip was made - but if anything, that just feeds into the idea that we’re glimpsing into the mysterious life of Dom & The Wizards even more.

Check out 'The Book of Timothy' above, and catch Dom & The Wizards supporting Scott & Charlene's Wedding this Sunday, December 8th, at the Port Admiral Hotel.