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Lunata - Daybed
Words by Imogen Hanrahan
Friday 7th February, 2020
Have you joined in on an ‘end of a decade’ retrospection? If you haven’t, slip on Lunata’s sophomore EP Daybed, sit back in comfortable solitude and let the dream-pop haze induce some self-reflection - preferably on an actual daybed of sorts. 
We first featured Lunata in November with her third track release of 2019 ‘Sagittarius’, following on from the dreamy bedroom-pop she’s been crafting for over three years since her debut Weeknights. This new EP is a more mature and polished evolution of Anita Agathangelou’s solo musical alias and across Daybed, it’s truly a treat to hear Lunata’s expertise and versatility bloom over the six tracks. 

Considered throughout all aspects of its production, it’s an exquisite taste of Anita’s talent, but is backed by other material that enhances Lunata’s little universe even further. Designed by Anna Zobel, Daybed’s artwork sets the mood perfectly and leans into the tropical atmosphere Lunata creates with her music. With a moonlit ocean, a plush reading nook next to a window, your only companions a cat and a large leafy plant, the imaginary space you’d conjure whilst listening to ‘Daybed’ is majestically encapsulated. Even the track titles fall into line with nature and pleasantries. ‘Half Moon’, ‘Apricots’, and ‘Lilac’ - brief phrases and words enticing enough on their own.

Daybed begins with ‘Pulp’, a track that could very well be the most upbeat of the EP. Opening with a gentle sample of chattering birdlife before expanding with warm synths and a glistening groove, we’re instantly lulled into a euphoric haze. Next up, ‘Sagittarius’ simmers the pace with woozy synths and heartbeat-like light drumming. It’s here her hypnotic guitar shines through in instrumental breakdowns before welcoming in the wobbly, Steve Lacy-esque intro of ‘Half Moon’. Both this track and its successor ‘Apricots’ touch lightly upon a funkier, jazzier sound, something that could almost be inspired by Melbourne neo-soul, particularly in their rhythms. In contrast, ‘Lilac’ returns with a slow snap into dream-pop at its core, as Lunata’s breathy chorus harmonies draw a spotlight, amplified by feathery plucking of guitar and bass. Perhaps it’s intentional - ‘Swim Away’, the final piece of work on ‘Daybed’, sees (or hears) the return of the birds from ‘Pulp’. It’s a small but sublime tribute as we wave goodbye to what feels like a perfect summer holiday.

With a sound focusing on introspection, a warm, nostalgic reflection of past possibilities, each track of Daybed unveils piece by piece like curtain netting around the entry to a tropical retreat. It’s hazy, hypnotic, and soft. It’s true Lunata has refined her work to new heights for this sophomore EP, but the relaxed and airy sounds synonymous with lo-fi and bedroom pop still flow here. ‘Daybed’ feels as natural as breathing.

Drift into the world of Daybed above, and follow Lunata via her socials to keep up with whatever she's up to next.