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Video Premiere:
Jungle Cuffs - Indie Boys
Words by Liam Mcnally
Thursday 13th February, 2020
Jungle Cuffs live a life in the day of some of Melbourne’s trendiest young lads in their debut video for glitter garage track ‘Indie Boys’.
One year since the release of Jungle Cuffs’ sophomore single ‘Indie Boys’, the group have unveiled “a rockumentary to shatter the patriarchy”. If you’ve ever wanted to know what life might be like in the shoes of the hippest young gentlemen Melbourne has to offer, then look no further. ‘Indie Boys’ takes the viewer on a ride through the eyes of Sam, Matt, and Tom, letting us experience some of the seminal alternative-chic activities that the less-cool only dream about - activities such as Pentax film photography, smashing tinnies, and misunderstanding social movements.

The video was originally created as a part of guitarist Evie Vlah’s VCE media project. Not only is this clip of a higher quality artistically and technologically than anything I could have made in high school (or since, really), it also showcases a piss-taking ability far beyond her years - Sam’s interests including seshing at Riverslide, and the fact that I think I did ask a friend if I should get a mullet just a couple of weeks ago meant this clip hit a little close to home for me. Luckily the track’s riffs bang loud enough to distract me from a long hard look in the mirror.

Musically, ‘Indie Boys’ is a fun garage bop, short but sweet, with catchy call-back style vocals in the verses, centred around a bright-but-dirty riff throughout which lets loose in the chorus alongside the chant of “indie boys”. The lyrics are witty as hell, but like all good satire, the band notes an element of realism to their goofs, commenting that “whilst we hope you all have a few laughs over it, we also aim to spark dialogue regarding diversity and representation within the broader music scene.”

Jungle Cuffs’ are a young group, but they’ve already been hitting some big gigs, playing alongside the likes of Angie McMahon and even a set at 2019’s Laneway Festival. ‘Indie Boys’ is only the second track they’ve released, but guess what? The gang have just finished high school which means two things - that Evie won’t have to “hang out the back of the pub with a fake I.D, [as in] the beer jug scenes” anymore, and that they’re all set to get more prolific. If their latest video is anything to go by, it’s going towards garage goodness well worth keeping an eye on.

Check out the new clip for 'Indie Boys' above, and follow Jungle Cuffs via their socials to keep up with what they're up to next.