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Big Brekkie -
A Chat between Eggy, Crepes and Baked Beans
Words by James Lynch
Interview by Zoe Monk, Tim Karmouche and Jack Kong
Tuesday 10th March, 2020

Of all the incredible things planned for this year’s Brunswick Music Festival, few events have been met with as much delight and confusion as the Brunswick Music Feastival. Ahead of the show tomorrow night, which will see a spread of Melbourne’s tastiest bands teaming up for what they’re describing as a “six-course serving of aural degustation”, we jumped in on a chat between Tim Karmouche of Crepes, Zoe Monk of Eggy and Jack Kong of Baked Beans, in hope of finding out what’s set to go down.

If it’s anything to go by, the evening is set to be as bizarre as the following conversation - but surely just as flavoursome.
Interview commencing Thursday February 27th

Jack (Baked Beans): Tim’s from Ballarat.

Tim (Crepes): #huge #scandalous
On the record: I don't even really like crepes, I haven't eaten one since I was probably six. Do you guys even like eggs and baked beans?

Zoe (Eggy): Shocking! Yep love em. Would you rather eat a crepe filled with baked beans or a crepe filled with scrambled eggs?

Tim: Crepe w/ baked beans for me I think, but both together would be a delicious combo. How about you guys?

Zoe: Ooooft yeh together all the way.

Jack: I’d eat just eggs. Beans make me gassy. Did Crepes and Eggy have any other band names before Crepes and Eggy were solidified?

Zoe: So many. Definitely too many to name. What about Beans?

Jack: I think Blach, Mitch, Vin and Lach played some gigs under another name, but will have to fact check. Definitely wasn’t food related.

Tim: An early version of Crepes in high school was called KW Dreamy, although slightly different members. First band was called Cruel Injection in primary school though lol.

Jack: Hahaha Cruel Injection. Is that a play on cruel intentions?

Tim: Heh I have no idea.

Jack: Lol hard hitting questions. Tentative group chat banter.

Zoe: Yeah let’s get into the real shit. Fuck marry kill your band members GO. Kidding. Or maybe not.

Jack: I’d marry Vinnie.

Zoe: Beautiful.

Jack: Fuck Lach dawg, kill Mitch.

Zoe: Nice.

Jack: 😇 Would you also marry Vinnie?

Zoe: I would. And kill Mitch too.

Jack: Stash the body in the Hammond road case.

Tim: I would marry Mitch. He can catch a squid with his bare hands and cook it on the barbie straight up.

Zoe: That’s why I would kill him. He’s too good, it’s not fair to the rest of us.

Tim: True and you’d be saving all the squids too.

Monday March 2nd

Moderator/Domerator: Bump has this interview concluded?

Zoe: 🕵️

Tim: 😮 Should we light it up?

Zoe: Alright, here’s some hard hitting Qs. Are there any lyrics you wrote that you really cringe at now?

Jack: 100%. Pretty much everything I’ve ever written. I’ve got one. Are you team Edward or team Jacob?

Zoe: Hahaha. Edward. I’ve only seen the first movie and I don’t think Jacob’s in that one 😕. Are you team Seth or team Ryan?

Tim: Hehehe SO team Edward. Although I haven’t seen or read Twilight. And fucking Seth, cos like… it’s Seth. What about Alf Stewart or Harold Bishop? Sorry for swearing. Also ‘Sexyland’ is pretty cringey in general for me, as is anything emo on Channel Four.

Zoe: Hahaha team Harold. Just cause never got on that Home and Away train.

Tim: Yeah either really. They should change Neighbours to 'Toadfish Ribbechi's Neighbours' and centre the whole thing around Toady. Can I ask for an exclusive on where both the Eggy and Beans albums are at?

Zoe: Oh hell yeah. Love that progression. We just finished recording ours yesterday 🥳🥂😭! So keen to get it out thur. Any Crepes in the works?

Jack: Beans looking toward mid year release 😎. Is all happening. And I can confirm the record will not be called Under The Pump. I think I’m a Robert Pattinson kind of dude also. Seth Cohen is cute. Sandy Cohen is sex on legs.

Tim: Nice!! I look forward to copping both records asap! Haha Under The Pump, was that you who brought that idea to the table Kongy? Crepes are working on an album at the moment, we're hoping to have it done by mid year, but realistically it'll probs be end of year. We might take the name Under The Pump if Baked Beans don't use it. Do you guys have any other sweet album names we could potentially steal?

Jack: Yeh I was responsible for that. Can’t wait for new Crepes Tim. You know how I love my crepes. Warm and handsome. Mmmm. How do you guys feel about Hong Kong and free democracy?

(This message was reacted to with a mouth open emoji but no formal response was put on the record).


Tim: Hey, you guys know I love me some Beans and some Eggy. Can't wait to rockit James McCartney style xoxox.

Jack: You can terminate this wechat. But you can’t terminate my ability to think freely.

The Brunswick Music Feastival is happening tomorrow, March 11th, at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute featuring Crepes, Eggy, Baked Beans, Sunfruits, Long Lunch and Biscotti - tickets are available here.