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They Made Me Do It -
Talking Influences with RACKETT
Words by James Lynch
Friday 13th March, 2020
Off the back of the release of ‘Oxytoxic’ earlier this week, we caught up with future-punk prime mover RACKETT to find out what inspired their latest blast of eccentric electronica and its vibrant new clip.
If the release of ‘Machinations’ late last year marked a transformation for Bec Callander’s RACKETT, the arrival of ‘Oxytoxic’ earlier in the week has done nothing but confirm her burgeoning pop-star persona. Instantly addictive, ‘Oxytoxic’ is a thrilling ride which feels reminiscent of early 00’s party-pop with a refreshingly experimental twist on things.

Powered by a thunderous stomp and filled out by glitchy programmed beats and pulsating synths, the track comes to life thanks to Bec’s enigmatic vocals, as she bounces from sugary pop melodies to electrifying shout-along hooks. Given the title is based on the chemical that causes love, oxytocin, the track feels fittingly immediate and intoxicating, and with the thumping backbeat refusing to let up for the song’s entire duration, it’s only natural to give ourselves over to the feeling and embrace the thrill of it all.

Paired with an equally hyper clip that features a cast of gloriously colourful performers from Melbourne’s LGBTQIA community, ‘Oxytoxic’ is both a sonic and visual extravaganza that’s just as playful as it is striking. We couldn’t resist exploring what influences lie behind the track, so we got in touch with RACKETT to get a closer look.

Tim and Eric
Tim and Eric has been a source of creative inspiration and comedy relief. Under the Adult Swim umbrella, I've always taken inspiration from the cuts and weird angles these guys apply to comedy and film. It's a polarising act, if you know you know.

Jen Terri
The mystery of Jen Terri. This video was published in 2006, but the music publishing/recording date is way earlier (I hope, I don't know, that's the appeal). Her films and music are so tacky is genius. I always go back to Jen when I'm feeling like I'm getting frustrated and taking everything seriously. I hope I will make something one day that blurs the line between parody and classic hit.

Alice Longyu Gao
I gather now by my influences, you get I'm into glitchy, lo-fi warped perception style visuals. The cuts in this are pretty achievable for an entry-level editor, but the style and graphics are totally original. It's like, yeah I could do that, but you can't replicate that, it's a style you either got it or you don't.

Japanese commercials
Whilst touring Japan, my team and I had a routine of playing a show, going to the local family mart on the way to our hotel, buying the weirdest pastries we could find and watching Japanese games shows til 3am. I'm constantly trying to leak Japanese TV into my visual work because I love how dedicated Japanese game shows are with nonsensical narratives. That over the top, more is more approach is something I like to lean into.

Chicks Who Love Guns - 'Shin Obuko'
A throwback to a local Sydney band, I don't think they are playing anymore, but I've always come back to this clip that my friend Turk Lee made. I love the warped perception and effects and editing choices in this film clip.

The cast of the 'Oxytoxic' clip

With regards to the 'Oxytoxic' music video, I was inspired by the performance of the cast, some of which I witnessed on stage at Pride of Our Footscray (an LGBTQIA community bar in Melbourne) and some through Instagram. I wanted to capture these performances on film and give these artists a platform to access my fanbase and my fanbase access to an alternative source of inspiration to what they've seen of me before.
Check out the new clip for 'Oxytoxic' above, and keep up to date with RACKETT by following their socials.