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They Made Me Do It -
Talking Influences with
Eliza and the Delusionals
Words by Joshua Hicks
Monday 30th March, 2020
Following the release of their brand new EP A State Of Living In An Objective Reality off the back of a huge North American tour, we got in touch with Eliza and the Delusionals to find out what inspired their latest collection of dazzling indie-rock.
Although the Gold Coast rockers have been kicking goals left, right and centre over the past few years, their steady rise rocketed skyward last year with the release of ‘Just Exist,’ a slow-burning indie-rock belter which garnered them a huge North American audience. Now with the entire EP in our hands, which shows a distinct evolution and maturation since their debut EP in 2017, it’s easy to see why they’ve been winning over audiences around the world.

From start to finish, A State Of Living In An Objective Reality shines with a sparkle that can only come from masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail from both musicians and producers alike. Bursting with explosive performances, irresistibly catchy hooks and plenty of punch, the journey from ‘Swimming Pool’ to the grungy final track ‘Feel It All (And Nothing)’ is a pure joy.

The flagship single off the EP ‘Swimming Pool’ is a clear standout for us. Packed with goodness, it’s a groovy, indie-rock track that feels pleasantly nostalgic, with silky vocals, dreamy harmonies and crunchy guitars - playing like a mixture of The Cranberries, Hop Along, The Jungle Giants and The Modern Savage.

To celebrate the release, we got to have a chat with the band about just what influenced the EP.

My life at the time

The songs from the EP were written probably 8 months or so (maybe even longer) before we even took them into the studio. At the time we were doing a lot of touring, and I was dealing with a relationship that I didn't want to be in and I felt really stuck. My mental health was in a really bad state, and a lot of the songs were inspired by or written about that. I know that the rest of the band were going through a lot of personal changes in their lives and relationships as well, so getting into the studio with those songs was a really big release of built-up creative energy.

Twin Fantasy by Car Seat Headrest
I don't think any of our songs sound anything like Car Seat Headrest, but for the 12 months between writing the songs and recording them this album was on repeat for me. I was a bit late to the party on this band, and I had just gotten into them after their Australian tour, but I was totally obsessed. I bought a bunch of their vinyls and CD's when I was in Tokyo just to add to my "collection".

Lush - Snail Mail
This album was definitely on repeat for me just before we got into the studio. Her voice is just so good, and I loved the overall sound and production of the album. Her songwriting and guitar playing was really inspiring and the sound just felt really fresh and new. I love discovering a new artist/album and just deep diving into it. It's like a new wave of inspiration to me.


One of my favourite things about going on tour (besides playing the actual shows) is travelling. I feel really lucky to be able to travel around my country and the world whilst also doing shows and playing music. I always absorb things that are going on around me, and new experiences and places always put new ideas and outlooks into my head.

New York

New York was probably the final inspiration for the EP. If you haven't visited it truly is one of the most inspiring cities to visit. We were there over December last year, and we had just put together the release plans for the EP, but we were still coming up with the artwork and title. Kurt was messing around with an editor on my phone and he ended up creating the exit sign artwork on there, which was a photo I took from the laundry room in the hotel we were staying at. The name was the final thing to come, and we all felt like it wrapped up the meaning of the songs really nicely.
Eliza and the Delusionals’ A State Of Living In An Objective Reality is out now.