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The Crane District - Thailand
Words by James Lynch
Monday 27th April, 2020
Today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the debut single from emerging pop songsmith The Crane District - ‘Thailand’ is a dose of charmingly laid-back indie-rock that manages to effortlessly transport us to a sunnier place and a simpler time.
Recognisable as the frontman of local alt-rock group MF Jones, Angelo Rosas-Ortiz’s solo debut finds the multi-instrumentalist trading his band’s fiery sonic blitzes for something a little more refined and direct. As the press release explains, the new project was born out an introspective period for Angelo, which saw him take a step “away from the crowded bar scene, [to find a new focus] on the things important to him” - a transition that resonates wholeheartedly through the refreshing atmospheres of ‘Thailand’.

After opening with some ethereal synths that twinkle at the peripheries, ‘Thailand’ broadens with a rustic acoustic guitar and a bouncing rhythm section, emerging like a ray of light to start the day. Instantly immersive, we’re quickly surrounded by layers of shimmering keys and gloriously dreamy guitars, while Angelo’s sandy vocals are warm and inviting upfront - with hooks as carefree as these, it’s as if we’re relaxing on the sunny shores that Angelo sings of. Clearly in no hurry, ‘Thailand’ ambles onwards steadily, the balmy grooves becoming more intoxicating as the soundscape drifts with us, and when things slowly fade at the song’s conclusion, we’re left with a hazy memory of a time well spent.

It’s an incredibly vivid debut release that bursts with pure joy, and it’s easy to see how Angelo was able to conjure something so picturesque as he explains the inspiration behind the track - “I was in Thailand, I had a mango daiquiri in my hand and it was sunset. I waded out into the water, to wash the sand off my feet, I watched the waves coming in and out and I saw the sky turn from pink to purple. I turned around to face the beach and there she was, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, it was in that moment I knew I would give myself completely to another. 'Thailand' was written about that moment.”

'Thailand' is out now, via new label Robot Jaw Records - follow The Crane District and Robot Jaw below to keep up with everything happening in their world.