Speed Dating
Speed Dating:
The Ironbark Brothers, Jheli Emmett,
Gavin Styles and Desert Bel
Saturday 9th May, 2020
Another week, another handful of mildly successful cyber dates.

This week we get to know just how much The Ironbark Brothers like cheese, learn which dance move is best for your hips with spiritual rocker Jheli Emmett, dismantle popular film franchises with folk-punk Gavin Styles and get some insight into the big cat business with Desert Bel.

The Ironbark Brothers

Where do we know you from?
We’re the guys who wear akubras and ruin your house party with obnoxious country music. We also sing songs at the pub sometimes.

What do you do with yourself?
Earn an honest living and yodel.

Favourite late night snack?
Rory likes cheesy rice, Sam just likes cheese.

Weigh in on Red Hot Chilli peppers?
Flea is a really cool nickname.

Thoughts on time travel?
Just started wearing a watch, Don’t need anymore complications in life.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Wake up with a slightly sore head but not enough to ruin the day. Eat a fried breakfast then watch Forrest Gump. Fall asleep when he gets to Vietnam then wake up when he gets the shrimp boat. The rest of the day can’t go wrong after that.

Jheli Emmett

Where do we know you from?
So you guys know me when you (Josh) and your partner asked me to do shows where you were raising money for helping women experiencing homelessness.

What do you do with yourself?
Spend my time painting and making art. I'm weaving dream catchers, painting a watercolour series based on Dante's Inferno; bit dark but with a twist of humour, producing music and trying not to lose my mind.

What is your favourite plant?
My favourite plant is Lavender. Dynamic in it's use, calming, healing, purple, and best of all it grows from cuttings! It's also the name of my first EP, so it's very special to me.

Of anyone in the world, who would you most like to spend an hour with?
I would love to spend an hour with Joni Mitchell, have a cuppa tea, talk about life and paintings.

What is your go-to dance move?
AHAHHAHA HAHAH my go to dance move is absolutely the twerk. It's so good for the hips, and it encourages a bit of cheekiness, also very empowering.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
My perfect Sunday, is sitting around the fire with my best mates after a big weekend.

Gavin Styles

Where do we know you from?
Frowny Dads mostly, some solo shows, maybe old bands that are dead or I don't play in anymore.

What do you do with yourself?
Musically I play bass, guitar and sing. Trying to write a synth pop EP. Outside of music I am a chemist by training working in agriculture, who likes cooking, embroidering, knitting and soccer.

Harry Potter or Star Wars?
Honestly not a massive fan of either. I guess Harry Potter cus I grew up with it? I like both, just not a massive fan in the same way a lot of people are.

What is your dream birthday?
Me, plenty of mates, big meal, a few beers, hang out, go to bed. I love my friends and am not a massive party person, but love sharing a meal. I guess a potluck?

What is your most useless talent?
Probably playing music tbh. That or I learnt to trick shuffle a deck of cards so it stays in order a little while ago. Not sure when I will ever use that one.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Lazy morning. Brunch and coffee, float around and hang out with mates in the sun, maybe an arvo show. Play some music, good dinner, early night.

Desert Bel

Where do we know you from?
Since retiring from getting you all wasted in bars I’ve become a local cat tamer/trainer/cat thief.

What do you do with yourself?
When I’m not working on my army of super loyal cats, I sing and play instruments and make tunes for all of YOU.

What's the worst piece of advice you've ever been given?
I hate it when people tell you that you have to do things that you aren’t passionate about to get money. Those ppl are uninspired and boring and probably don’t even smoke a fat J on a Sunday morn.

It’s getting pretty cold - tell us your favourite album to keep warm to?
‘Beach House - Depression Cherry’ also low key best album for an airplane trip. My fave song is 'PPP.’

What’s your go to hangover cure?
A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge joint / okonomiyaki / getting mega baked and listening to music.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
when it’s that time of year thats super crisp in spring + all of the above. So combining that morning with a cat army and a joint I guess.

No luck yet? Stay tuned for more Speed Dating every Saturday arvo.