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Staying In with Tiny Town Records
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 13th May, 2020
Now a couple of months into lockdown life, we’ve taken a moment to check in on some of our favourite locals to find out how they’re spending their time in isolation.

Still a relatively new label, Tiny Town Records has become something of an epicentre for an emerging scene of bands, including but not limited to Gamjee, CLAMM and Floodlights. Although it’s not quite certain if every band from their little universe will be putting music out through Tiny Town, their first two releases - Gamjee’s Legacy Project and Dragoons’ Horrorscopes - seem to explore the group’s zanier and more off-kilter tendencies. A collection of Melbourne’s most exciting and innovative music makers making some of their most exciting and innovative music!
We caught up with Tiny Town Records' conjoined label-heads Sam Harding and Archie Shannon to find out what they’ve been up to during lockdown.

What are you listening to?

Sam: Lots of late 60's and early 70's kraut/komische music (recently made a mix dedicated to the passing of Florian Schneider). Also been loving Kosmetika's Pop Soap which is sort of in that zone too, and Dianas' new album Baby Baby.
Archie: This band called Nice from Sydney in the early 90's. Obsessed with the track 'Dear John'. Surprisingly not listening to much music in iso though - my girlfriend's car doesn't have an aux, and I've been driving it heaps, so lots of random radio. Miles [Harding, drummer of Gamjee, CLAMM and Dragoons] showed me a band called Lewsberg recently who sparked my interest, worth a look in.
What’s the worst isolation idea you’ve had so far?

Sam: Trying to make my own inari pouches by deep frying tofu and pulling out the insides. It doesn't work, don't try it. And if it does work for you then please email through your secrets.

Archie: Not playing the drums since lockdown started... going to be so rusty. It wasn't really intentional, but not a great idea...

See visual evidence of Archie playing drums at least once amidst lockdown
What’s keeping you busy?

Archie: I'm still studying, so that's been taking up time for sure. I've been spending a fair bit of time on Ableton, also on my guitar writing songs and experimenting. There's definitely something to be said about creating music/art during this time though - motivation is at a lowish level for me and I'm not buying into the idea that you need to be super productive every day... you don't! Also, I've started watching Twin Peaks again.
Sam: I've taken up knitting as inspired by Sam (Spoilsport Records), and started a whole lot of musical projects that will all be introduced to the Tiny Town sphere, so keep an ear out!
Explore the first two releases from Tiny Town over at, and keep up with what's next by following them below.