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Homebodies -
Staying In with Deafen County
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 14th May, 2020
Now a couple of months into lockdown life, we’ve taken a moment to check in on some of our favourite locals to find out how they’re spending their time in isolation.

Kylie O’Connell runs Deafen County, one of the best spots on the internet to keep yourself up to date with plenty of Australia's most exciting new music. We could technically be rivals, but Kylie is such a genuine champion of the local scene that she makes it impossible, and Deafen County is absolute proof of that.
Between work and showing off her expert taste on the site, here's what Kylie's been up to during lockdown.

What are you reading?
Natives by Akala.

What are you watching?
It's been a bit of an adventure in this area. I throw between terrible (amazing) reality TV and basically whatever is trending on Netflix. I just smashed out the whole series of High Fidelity on ABC iview in two nights - Zoë Kravitz is the best. But I'd say Sex Education has been my iso viewing highlight, good for some easy laughs.

What are you listening to?
The new Four Tet album is great to run to (I'm not usually a runner but I guess I will be once this is all over). The new Holy Wave is great, Flat Worms, Arlo Parks, CLAMM, Floodlights & Snowy Band are all proving to be very fruitful for me during this time. Also, basically everything on the Efficient Space catalogue is a dream. Plus a record called Hope Is for the Hopeless by The Golden Dregs, who I only recently discovered.

Anything happening in the kitchen?
Nothing overly notable. Lots of poached eggs on sourdough for lunch which I desperately need to mix up. A perfectly poached egg is one of my finest offerings.

What’s the worst isolation idea you’ve had so far?
Letting my housemates buy the board game Catan. I'm trying to be open-minded but it's like a medieval monopoly...

What’s something keeping you inspired?
Meditation. I've been meditating pretty consistently for a good year now and as someone who is prone to anxiety, it really helps me to feel centred/grounded. It's sometimes hard to meditate (especially when shit's wild), so guided meditations help. Or, if you're not really into meditating but know you could benefit from some still time, I would recommend putting on Nils Frahm's new album Empty and literally just concentrating on your breath for a song or two.

Best ways to support the community at the moment?
For me, I'm just trying to work on Deafen as much as possible to do my bit to make sure that things keep ticking along without live music. Musicians need our support more than ever at the moment so I'm feeling pretty committed to/motivated by that. Also, I think everyone should be stocking up on merch and vinyl where possible. While I'm as sad as everyone else about not getting to gigs each week, this is actually a really nice opportunity to focus on and foster Aussie music.

How can we support you?
Keep reading, sharing and talking about music, I guess. Feeling pretty lucky to be a part of such a beautiful music community in Melbs at the moment!
Head to for some music discoveries and quality insights, and keep up to date by following Deafen County on Facebook and Instagram.