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Homebodies -
Staying In with Synthesize Me
Words by Francis Tait
Thursday 28th May, 2020
Now a couple of months into lockdown life, we’ve taken a moment to check in on some of our favourite locals to find out how they’re spending their time in isolation.

Now residing at 12am each Thursday morning on PBS FM, Bridget and Harry from Synthesize Me dive deep into the world of dark electronica, fluid ambient soundscapes and all synth-laced absurdities in between. Having just turned two years old, Synthesize Me have developed into a strong, proud ally for the under-represented within their field, both in Australia and around the world, with regular contributions from artists and DJs towards weekly playlists.
In the midst of the PBS Radio Festival, we check in with Bridget Small from Synthesize Me to find out what she's been up to during lockdown.

What are you reading?
I have been stoked to be reading pretty frequently in iso! I seem to be going for the music memoir lately. I just finished Viv Albertine’s (The Slits/New Age Steppers) memoir Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys. My housemate is currently reading it too and picked up a guitar today, strumming along to the Marine Girls. I started Playing the Bass With Three Hands the other day too - one I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time, this book written by Will Carruthers from Spacemen 3. So far I’ve gathered a trip into the band's formation but arguably more about their hectic demise. For heaps of good drama, I would also recommend Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid, a good look at covert and overt racism.

What are you watching?
Some friends and I watched Pink Flamingos on the weekend… yikes. If you see it, you will never unsee it. There’s also a great doco on Netflix at the moment called Circus of Books, about a pretty straight and narrow Jewish couple that take over a gay porn bookshop in 1980’s, filmed by their daughter Rachel Mason.
What are you listening to?
A tricky one! It changes every week, I guess the show kinda dictates that in some ways. I was happy to see US label Incidental Music reissue Pale Cocoon, a classic Japanese obscurity.
There’s also an exciting compilation of NZ stuff coming out this week from Aotearoa label Strangelove; weirdo indie-pop from the 1980’s.
What’s keeping you busy?
Trying to fluctuate between being busy and also not too busy, pretty into having the time off at the moment whilst also remembering we’re in the midst of a pandemic. I won my first game of Bananagrams last night (sort of like a mixture of Scrabble and a crossword) after months of losing. Finally, giving Ableton a go too, due to some incredibly helpful and practical tutorials Danny Wild (Low Flung) has been streaming and uploading weekly. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to dip in. Thanks Danny!
What’s something keeping you inspired?
There’s a great Facebook group called 'Isolation Plates with Mates' where a bunch of folks are showing off their home cooking. Gets my household pretty geared up with lots of pasta, wonton and naan bread making. Feng Shui too. Maybe a common activity in many share houses at the moment is turning each room in the house upside down for a rearrange. We did my bedroom really late one night once as we realised our hydronic heating was about to fuck up all my records.

Best ways to support the community at the moment?
It’s that time of year again. PBS’ annual Radio Festival. Best way to support independent local broadcasting and music is to become a member. A pretty big one this year as we have lost sponsorship from the usual gigs and happenings across town and also make the move to Collingwood Yards in the very near future. You can join PBS, which costs as little as $40 for the year or make a donation of any amount on the world wide web.

How can we support you?
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