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Homebodies -
Staying In with Rice Is Nice/Brain Drain
Words by James Lynch
Friday 29th May, 2020
Now a couple of months into lockdown life, we’ve taken a moment to check in on some of our favourite locals to find out how they’re spending their time in isolation.

One of the busier people we’ve had the pleasure of catching up with, Lulu Rae is part of the team behind Rice Is Nice Records, as well as the co-owner of Brain Drain PR. As a publicist for Rice Is Nice, Lulu is responsible for facilitating the release of some of Australia’s most interesting and exciting underground music - check out the monstrous new single from Rebel Yell if you need proof, or these certified hits from label mainstays Spod and Straight Arrows. And at Brain Drain, she’s covering all the right bases to make sure the great artists she works with are being heard!
Between all her other commitments, here's what Lulu's been up to during lockdown.

What are you reading?
I’m reading My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante which is great. I also joined an anonymous online book club thing, where strangers post you books in the mail and I’ve received some cool stuff via there that I’m looking forward to digging into.

What are you watching?
Succession on HBO - best thing I’ve seen in years. It's about a family who run a media empire (based on the Murdoch family) and it's super juicy and dark and just so well done. Great theme song too which I’m a sucker for!

What are you listening to?
Silver NewsLetter playlists from Mashara Wachjudy (another online venture), Spike Vincent’s new song 'Time Machine', Prudence, Sweet Whirl, Samba Touré, Beastie Boys, and Nils Frahm's album All Melody.
Anything happening in the kitchen?
A lot of greasy thai takeaway!

What’s keeping you busy?
Work! I’m glad to say we’ve been busier than ever during this weird COVID era. I think people are striking while the iron is hot in terms of releasing music that they’ve maybe sat on for a while.

And my new rescue dog Herbie! He is the best and totally full of energy so I'm doing lots of walks.

What’s the worst isolation idea you’ve had so far?
I bought a laminator in an attempt to get crafty with pressed flowers but they had too much moisture in them, and melted sticky nectar all through the laminator machine… it lasted about ten minutes before pretty much bursting into flames.

What’s something keeping you inspired?
My amazing co-workers who balance work and the rest of their life with grace + ease!

Best ways to support the community at the moment?
Listen to independent artists! Follow their work, follow them on social media. Buy their music when you can. Follow labels you think are doing cool stuff. Be nice to people!
Head to Rice Is Nice's website to make some new music discoveries, and keep up to date with Brain Drain by following them on Facebook and Instagram.