Speed Dating
Speed Dating:
PBS 106.7FM Radio Festival
Saturday 30th May, 2020
With the PBS 106.7FM Radio Festival wrapping up this weekend, we took the opportunity to get to know a few of the people behind those voices a little more intimately.

This week, we reminisced on memorable birthdays with MzRizk of Boogie Beat Suite, Adriana - the voice behind Opalakia - made us really, really hungry and The Breakfast Spread presenter Milo Eastwood talked us through his week of show and tell.

MzRizk, presenter of Boogie Beat Suite

Where do we know you from?
Lots of places but you would know my voice from Boogie Beat Suite on PBS.

What do you do with yourself?
Pre-Covid I was DJing, radio broadcasting, event curating and creating sound works for the Biennale of Sydney 2020. During Covid - DJing via live streams and making videos for different brands.

Last movie you cried during?
Watching Set It Off... multiple sad scenes but one of the best movies with an amazing soundtrack. If you haven’t seen this you must make this a priority.

Best birthday party you’ve ever had?
There have been a few memorable parties and dinners but I loved going to the Proms on my birthday when I was in the UK in 2013. It was a gift to myself and a lovely experience but I couldn’t stay the entire time as someone had taken off their shoes and the smell was unbearable… I guess that’s not the best birthday but probably one of the most memorable.

Got any good spare band names you’d be happy to offer up?
I just wrote an entire list and they all looked ridiculous… maybe it’s best I don’t suggest anything here. For example I came up with things like Poached Eggs. I’ll stop. Now I want eggs.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Sleep in, put a record on either some jazz, Arabic or soulful - play it both sides. Cook something delicious involving hummus, walk the doggo and play video games in PJs until I meet up with friends for whiskey. Pre-Covid it would be the same but would usually involve going to live performances…

Adriana, presenter of Opalakia

Where do we know you from?
Hi! I’m a DJ and radio announcer on PBS 106.7FM. My show Opalakia pays tribute to beautiful music from all around the world.

What do you do with yourself?
Outside of music I am studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. I am also about to launch a podcast about our human experiences so that we can understand them, grow from them and make the most out of our wonderful journey.

Talk us through the best meal you've had this week.
I must say it would be a jaffle that my yiayia makes me at least once a week. Whenever I’m short for time I call Yiayia and within a few minutes she has my jaffle ready to go. She jam packs it with fresh tomato, peppers and olives from the garden, drizzles olive oil and vinegar and finally adds a sprinkle of salt, pepper and paprika. She also cooks it three times coz I love it extra crispy (yes I’m drooling as I write this).

Thongs or sandals?
SANDALS!!!!!!! Unless we are talking about a g-banger thong. Lol jokes I actually despise both kinds; where’s the comfort and support?

If you were to start a tribute band, which band would you be a tribute to and what would you call it?
I’d pay tribute to Austrian musician Supermax and call myself Superhacks. I’d be playing the sax or synth. Most likely the sax though coz I love to express myself with as much gusto as possible.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Waking up early! This can be a rarity with DJing and I’m a huge morning person so if I’ve managed to have a Saturday night off then I’ve hit the jackpot baby. Sundays are definitely for lounging as I’m actually a huge introvert outside of my social life. This alone time is necessary for me to recharge my batteries. I like to conclude my day with a late lunch that puts me into a food coma and throw in a few eps of The Office for good measure.

Milo Eastwood, presenter of
The Breakfast Spread

Where do we know you from?
You know me from The Breakfast Spread on PBSfm Monday-Friday 6-9am.

What do you do with yourself?
I make music based breakfast radio five days a week as well as DJing around town and running monthly parties under the name Love Sensation.

Outside music I love to get busy in the kitchen (I’ve always said my backup career could be to become a tv chef, haha). I’m also partial to a very casual game of golf (I’m not very good, I just think it’s a nice thing to do).

Name a movie that you really didn’t enjoy.
I thought the film adaptation of Kerouac’s On The Road was load of garbage.

Favourite breakfast spread?
Ideal breakfast for me is a platter of tropical and exotic fruits. That or a really good crusty Italian meatball sub if I need something a bit more substantial on a rough morning. Dinner for breakfast is always a good time.

If it was your week for show and tell, what would you bring?
Probably a Ticket stub Brian Eno signed for me when I was 15. That or a piece of sushi my mum put in her jacket pocket in at a party in 1989 and forgot about till the mid 90’s. It's perfectly fossilised (I’d have to ask to borrow it though).

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Perfect Sunday is a sleep in till 11am, dodging a hangover after having a somewhat wild one the night before, collating the music for my radio show the next morning and then heading to a friend’s sunny, leafy backyard and making something delicious for lunch with a glass of wine.

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