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Joe Terror - Release The Fiend
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 23rd July, 2020
Before he drops Songs To Track Down To later this month, rock ’n’ roll workhorse Joe Terror has shared ‘Release The Fiends’ with us, another dose of his garage-soul goodness that manages to strip back his signature sound without losing its eccentric edge.
If you want to be a fan of Joe Terror (aka Jayden Hebbard), you’ll need to be able to keep up. When TJ last heard from him, it was May 2019 and we were premiering the riotous Stinky Soul, but since then he’s managed to drop a new album World Built Of U and is now gearing up for his second full-length release of 2020. It’s a lot to take in, but here’s all you really need to know - whether he’s working in the realm of soulful garage-rock, unhinged psych-blues or charming weirdo pop, Joe Terror is someone who clearly knows his way around a song and has the chops to take any idea wherever he pleases.

Earlier this month, he announced Songs To Track Down To, and shared the first taste of the album with ‘Trackn’, a folk-pop bop that strips down his usual rock ’n’ roll theatrics, in favour of meandering acoustics and a bubbling groove. Today’s follow-up single ‘Release The Fiends’ reveals a little more about where album #4 might be heading - led by a pair of tangling acoustic guitars that wrangle a blues riff around a simmering backbeat, the track continues the stripped back atmosphere that ‘Trackn’ established, while blending it with the more groove-heavy moments of his back catalogue.

With Jayden’s enigmatic vocals sitting firmly at the helm while the guitars sprawls behind him, there’s an uncanny swagger about the track, the modesty of the stark instrumentation almost at odds with his commanding presence. However, coupled with his flowing lyrics that link with the album’s overall concept - “tracking down the things you need or love and having to let them go again” - there’s a thrilling sense of freedom that flows through 'Release The Fiend' before the groove finally unravels and Joe struts away.

Songs To Track Down To is out on Friday, July 31st.