Speed Dating
Speed Dating:
Nat Vazer, Polly, No/Trauma and Gutter Girls
Saturday 25th July, 2020
Melbourne might on pause again, but that doesn’t mean looking for love needs to be.

This week we learn about the pitfalls of the bottom bunk with Nat Vazer, grab a few champagnes at a wedding with Polly, bake some artisan sourdough with No/Trauma, and talk guitar riffs with Gutter Girls.
Photo by Benjamin Joel

Nat Vazer

Where do we know you from?
The radio or maybe you've seen me at a live show. I've been told I have a doppelganger in my neighbourhood who wears a yellow skate helmet and rides around on a bike a lot. Haven't seen her yet but send me a snap if you spot her. ​

What do you do with yourself?
I create things: songs, pasta, drawings, stories - anything. Give me an idea and I'll bring it into reality.

Top bunk or bottom bunk?
Top bunk. One time I was staying in a dorm room in Reykjavik, Iceland, and someone did a 360° projectile vom in the middle of the night. People in the bottom bunks copped it badly. Top bunk, always top bunk!

Thoughts on The Voice 2020's winner?
Oh my god, The Voice is still on TV?

What's your weirdest talent?
I can throw a tennis ball really, really hard. I promise I'm a nice person (most of the time).

What’s your perfect Sunday?
A lazy sleep in... breakfast with friends, coffee and pie, cosy hangs in the sun, listening to vinyl, watching docos on the couch with a cab merlot and pizza.

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Where do we know you from?
Well I was on Sunrise for about five minutes back in 2014 but for those of you who don't remember that, I'm probably just a familiar face you see tucked in a corner at a few venues/weddings singing covers.
PS. sincerest apologies if I got drunk at your wedding.

What do you do with yourself?
I get bored very easily!! Attention span of a four year old so I like to always be learning new things and keeping busy. Surfing and violin are next on the cards.

Tea or coffee?
SUCH a tough call, my goodness, but I don't think I could abandon my trusty soy flat white.

Five years from now, you’re super successful - what weird musical genre shift do you make?
Iranian deep house.

Thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise?
I personally couldn't think of anything worse than being stuck on an island with lots of bold personalities and TV cameras monitoring me, but they all look like they're having fun!!

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Ooooo okay, I'd say like a morning walk along the beach to get my favourite smoothie, followed by a day making music, and then cooking up a storm with my housemates to tick off the week.

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Photo by Naomi Lee Beveridge


Where do we know you from?
From those nights when you 19 and way too drunk on $3 schooners and your mate just pissed in a pot plant in the beer garden and was ejected from the venue and so you went inside to dance to indie rock and you kept asking the bartenders and sound tech to “play some dance music mate cmon” and instead of doing that they just kept playing Paul Kelly’s bluegrass cover of 'Khe Sanh' on repeat. We were the staff at that pub and we were only a year older than you but god were we sick of your shit.

Also we put a tune called 'Six Foot Flawless' which slaps.

What do you do with yourself?
Recently we were in the studio and halfway through the first day we found out Melbourne was going into lockdown again the following night. We worked really hard and managed to get everything done in the subsequent 36 hours before the studio had to close its doors for another six weeks.

Where would your dream getaway if lockdowns weren’t a thing?
Get to Alice Springs and stay with an older lesbian couple who have two dogs and some chickens. Watch the kangaroos from the backyard as the sun comes up and down. 

Are there any unusual hobbies that the band members have picked up?
Honestly not really? It’s all gardening, baking sourdough, knitting, and kissing our partners. Extremely nice, but very standard/boring stuff. We never understood “boring” people for a long time but turns out being “boring” is often part and parcel of caring for your mental health and having a nice time in the long term. 

What’s the best breakfast food?
Bed porridge (no that’s not a euphemism for cum). Porridge with fruit in it that has been brought to you when you’re very sleepy and grumpy about the morning in bed. Ideally served with a small kiss on the head and slightly mocking yet sympathetic laughter. 

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Sunny and 24 degrees sitting in the park with some friends, eating bread and dips, then falling asleep with your head in the lap of your friend who you only see once a year.

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Gutter Girls

Where do we know you from?
Iso: Pre-lockdown chewing your ear off about International Superhits by Green Day.
Bec: Pre-lockdown chewing your ear off in general in the beer garden of the Tote probably.

What do you do with yourself?
Iso: Watch The O.C and eat laksa.
Bec: Watch cooking videos and eat pizza.

If you could do karaoke for guitar riffs instead of singing, what songs would you pick? Iso: ‘Black Math’ by The White Stripes, ‘The Nips Are Getting Bigger’ by Mental as Anything or ‘It’s My Life’ by Talk Talk (editors note: there’s definitely no guitar riffs in ‘It’s My Life’ but I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen Iso swinging air guitar windmills along to it regardless - so it counts).
Bec: Literally any AC/DC song.

What was the first album you ever owned?
Iso: The Killers’ Hot Fuss and it’s still in my car pumping on the reg. ‘Andy You’re a Star’ is such a hit.
Bec: Maybe Wolfmother or Green Day American Idiot??? Unless you count Barbie Party compilations and So Fresh.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve got on your resume?
Iso: My whole resume is dribble.
Bec: Same.

What’s your perfect Sunday?
Iso: Lazy start to the day ft a big cook up. Hopefully the sun is somewhat out and something between Smooth fm and Nana’s favourite songs are playing, maybe a bit of Everly Brothers with a cuppa tea. Love some Uno at the park with my friends.
Bec: See an arvo show at the Tote then go to Punjabi for dinner.

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