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French Cut - RDO
Words by Madison Woods
Thursday 10th September, 2020
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the new single ‘RDO’ from Melbourne four-piece French Cut - an energetic, lo-fi track that smoothly combines cheerful pop smarts with a raucous garage-rock punch.
French Cut are no stranger to the local music scene, and off the back of the release of their debut album French Cut Radio last year, their upcoming five-track EP Signature is a pre-eminent follow-up to the band’s previous music. During this new venture, the Melbourne band, led by frontman Lou Baker, have perfected a versatile pop-rock sound, contrasting bright 60’s vocals and inviting hooks with a grittier, restless edge.

’RDO’ effortlessly blends the band’s signature jangling guitars and sung-spoken vocals, with an impulsive groove, adding a sense of urgency that’s been largely unheard of so far from French Cut. The track begins by layering guitars that tangle melodically alongside some subtle percussion, before building up to a driving rhythm which blasts the song open into a pounding, but just as catchy, lead riff. Powered by Lou’s endearing spoken vocals, the track has an instant garage-rock touch, keeping things sounding raw and edgy, but still leaves plenty of space for sparking harmonies and some buoyant bass playing to shine through. The song progresses into the perfect track to listen to whilst staring longingly out the window on a train on a Friday evening, or perhaps on a sunny morning just after you’ve called your boss to take the day off.

Speaking about the track, Lou says “the song is primarily about the joy I experienced in a particular shed in Thornbury when I could isolate myself in there and work on my music for hours on end while time slipped. I'd have a series of consecutive days off from my full-time job that I would block together so I could have a really solid sesh of recording. The simplicity in how those days were spent was the most appealing thing and I felt I had to write a song about it. Sometimes you're just in the zone and everything falls into place perfectly, hence the "nothing but green lights" lyric - a lyric that my partner at the time Jess said one day and I thought it just sounded so on point.”

Photo by Caitlin Reilly

French Cut's new EP Signature is set to be released later this year - keep up to date with what's next by following them below.