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Staying In with James Morris
Words by James Lynch
Friday 25th September, 2020
As our days in lockdown keep ticking by, we’ve been taking a moment to check in on some favourite locals to find out what they’re doing with their time in isolation.

James Morris is the mastermind behind baked, one of the best spots on the web to catch some of our most exciting local acts in a live setting. He’s spent the last four years changing the game for live music media in Australia, with an eye for details that’s only matched by his undeniable work ethic. When he’s not behind the camera, you can also catch Morris performing in garage-popheads Gamjee or in the best (Kinks cover) band in Melbourne The Stinks.
In the midst of lockdown, here's what James has been up to.

What are you reading?

In one of the first weeks of proper lockdown I splurged on about eight books, because when you decide you want to read more, may as well make yourself feel guilty with a stack of books to get through. But have been steering into the pandemic theme by reading books on Existential Risk and Eschatology… it’s nice to have a theme. It’s strangely optimistic reading about all the times humankind has almost gone extinct and what things might get us in the end. So skipping between optimism and true terror for the future. But it’s nice to be reading again.

What are you watching?
Aside from a quick binge of Avatar and the Harry Potter movies, I have been finally deciding to flick through the list of "when I have the time" movies. Honestly, the most surprising movie I have seen was Mandy. Essentially the most Nicholas Cage movie of revenge on LSD with cults and cannibal bikers. If you want a movie that distracts you, yet also makes you wonder how the hell anyone came up with it, that’s your movie. Aside from that just trying to get inspiration from visually beautiful films. The work of Akira Kurasawa and Alehandro Jodorowsky are absolutely beautiful.

What are you listening to?
For working at home, I can’t do lyrics - I have an issue where I start writing the words of the music into my e-mails so I’ve really been enjoying instrumental music. College of Knowledge releases have been great for this; The Pro-teens, Karate Boogaloo and Surprise Chef, or something subtle like Mildlife. I’ve also been loving to see releases from Chapter, Tiny Town, Spoilsport. But I’ve been really enjoying Afro-pop and Turkish folk music for when I’m feeling particularly spicy. 

What’s keeping you busy?

I think for me it’s actually been learning to take time rather than squeezing in productivity into every hour of the day. I think COVID brought out a complex of people wanting to be the most productive with their time, and I found it was actually a nice time to learn new habits that can be enforced coming back out into busier periods, like sleep, eating, reading and socialising. Although filming, editing, concept creation and everything around that takes up a lot of my time, as well as forming the start of some new projects, with announcements which will be rolling out later this year which I am really excited about.

Anything you’re doing differently?

Having clear times between working and not working. Outside of this, the lines have been very blurred so giving myself strict times has helped in building what I think will be a more healthy routine moving forward. Also I don’t think my bicycle has gotten this much work since owning it.

Also, this is my sunny day bike riding song:
What’s something keeping you inspired?
Watching what the community has created during this time. It has been amazing to see the amount of ideas generated throughout the community which has been really inspiring, and getting to talk to everyone about their ideas. I think coming out of this we are going to see a huge wave of new projects which is exciting to look forward to. Also I have absolutely loved the creative ways people have been approaching video, watching people trying to tackle isolation in a creative way is inspiring, especially on the days you aren’t feeling too crash hot. Green screens are coming back and nothing excites me more.

Best ways to support the community at the moment?
There are so many ways. I think the best advice would be to stay active in your community. If you have the means supporting local creatives then that’s fantastic, but if not, there’s many ways to engage with the community. Everyone is trying to make things work online so if we engage, watch, listen, stream, donate or purchase products from local creators it makes the world of difference. Even just being able to reach out and support artists to let them know they are appreciated can make the world of difference in a time where mental health is at an all time low. Also, supporting BIPOC business where possible.
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