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Video Premiere:
Long Lunch - A State of Mind/ Chaos Flutes
Words by James Lynch
Friday 9th October, 2020
Returning with their first new music in 18 months, local avant-pop ensemble Long Lunch are back with ‘A State of Mind/ Chaos Flutes’ today - a mesmerising first taste of their forthcoming debut album, that comes accompanied by a stark isolation clip that makes the track’s languid temperament feel all the more introspective.
An extension on what was heard on last year’s Tangle EP, ‘A State of Mind/ Chaos Flutes’ finds Long Lunch looking to the edges of their kaleidoscopic sound, continuing to effortlessly blend shapeshifting pop with heady psychedelia and radiant soul, while exploring the space to let their soundscapes expand and warp.

Hushed without feeling sleepy, ‘A State of Mind/ Chaos Flutes’ emerges gently into a sea of wobbly guitars and hazy synths. Anchored by a punchy backbeat, the track slowly unravels - first around Richard Machuca’s slinking vocals, before eventually immersing us in an avalanche of swirling guitar, sticky hooks and understated yet incisive grooves. However, just as we think we’ve got the track pegged, the rug is pulled out from underneath us and Long Lunch divert into a sprawling final section. Simultaneously restless yet coolly restrained, it’s a thrilling conclusion that’s as evocative as it is disorientating.

Not a band to reveal all their cards too quickly, the new track comes out today as a low-key live clip, shot in isolation by the band to subtly remind us of their unassuming live presence. Speaking about the decision to reveal the track like this, guitarist Pete Sismanes explained - “feeling frustration over the inability to play our new songs live, we shot the live clip on our iPhones and recorded the track in the first stages of lockdown with Trevor Carter from Empire Studios.“ It’s somewhat isolating but just as alluring, and one that hints at exciting things to come as Long Lunch begin to gear up for the release of their debut full-length.

Long Lunch's debut album Mosaic Days is expected to drop early next year - follow the band below to keep up to date.