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Video Premiere:
Hearts and Rockets - Workout
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 15th October, 2020
Following the release of their latest single ‘Workout’ earlier this month, local brat-punk powerhouse Hearts and Rockets have shared a vibrant new clip for the track that’ll definitely get your heart-rate up.
Even in a pandemic, Hearts and Rockets can’t be stopped. They’re up to their third release of the year (fourth if you include a collection of remixes they dropped in May), which is arriving at the end of this month in the form of a double A-side 7”. They’ve already dropped the first cut ‘Workout’, a blast of frantic and fiery post-punk, and to tie us over until the full double single drops, today they’ve shared a new clip that enhances the track’s invigorating energy with a classic 80’s aerobics montage.

Picking up the explosive vigour and driving groove that underpins ‘Workout’, the new clip showcases a team of women getting their pump on to the blitzing track. Hearts and Rockets don’t dare to skimp on the flashy leotards or retro exercises - in fact, each move in the clip is actually pulled from real 80's home workout videos - and the result is as colourful and lively as the track itself. Who would’ve thought post-punk and star-jumps would pair so well?

Speaking about the track, bassist/vocalist Kurt Eckardt explains, “we have intentionally walked into the trope of making a workout video clip, as there seems to be about 20 new ones each year. It just seemed silly and too fun not to, so it's kind of a nod to that as well.”

Hearts and Rockets’ new Workout / Dead As Disco double single is out on October 31st through Psychic Hysteria - head to to pre-order the 7" on limited white vinyl.