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Homebodies -
Staying In with Holly Ditchfield,
from Our Golden Friend
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 22nd October, 2020
Up next on Homebodies is Holly Ditchfield, part of the team behind local label and management collective Our Golden Friend.

Although their live events and tours were brought to a halt earlier this year, the label has gone on to have one of its strongest years yet, putting out excellent releases from the likes of RVG, Poppongene and Elizabeth - with Holly dedicatedly working behind the scenes to keep the wheels turning. Outside of her label work, Holly is on the board of Girls Rock! Melbourne, is the music director of Eltham Jazz Festival, and in a simpler time, you could also catch her onstage performing with Lottie Liams and Dover Island.
Here's what else Holly has been up to during lockdown.

What are you reading?
My library website to figure out which books to borrow, they just reopened and I’m overwhelmed with choice! It’s a balancing act between picking good books with a year long wait and some questionable next day pick ups, yet to master it, recommendations welcome.

What are you watching?
The Magpie family outside my window, they just had a baby and its very round and fluffy. I can watch them for hours and they don’t even do anything.

What are you listening to?
El Tee’s new album Everything Is Fine, Elizabeth’s cover of ‘go your own way’, I Like It Better Indoors by Suzi, Thibault’s Or Not Thibault, Poppongene’s Futures Unsure Remix EP, Hydra Fashion Week with the true lockdown anthem ‘SICK (day #132)’ and Blake Scott’s Niscitam.

Anything happening in the kitchen?
So much! Really into baking anything I call ‘novelty bread’ which is everything except bread loafs. Especially loving cooking up bagels, english muffins and cornbread (is it cake or bread? discuss).

Anything you’re doing differently?
Going on walks. I never understood walking for the sake of it but I guess it really is the journey not the destination. I’ve found so many cool neighbourhood places, houses, plants and boxes of free citrus.

What’s the worst isolation idea you’ve had so far?
This is only the worst because I actually followed through with it. I spent a whole day finding and downloading all the vinyl download codes I’ve accumulated over the years and then putting them onto my 2009 iPod Nano which I don’t have a charger for.

Best ways to support the community at the moment?
Tell your friends you love them! Tell your favourite artist you love them! Buy music and art. Make use of Bandcamp Friday and get that track/album/t-shirt you keep thinking about.
Head to Our Golden Friend's website to make some new music discoveries, and keep up with everything happening in Holly's world by following her on Instagram below.