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SCABZ - Pressure
Words by Jacob McCormack
Friday 6th November, 2020
Ahead of the release of their debut full-length later this month, Sydney trio SCABZ have shared with us the album’s blistering title track ‘Pressure’ - a fierce and explosive blitz of their signature punk chaos that wouldn’t feel out of place blasting out of a rundown dive-bar in 1970’s London.
Encapsulating a quintessential punk sound, SCABZ have loaded their latest single ‘Pressure’ with all the key elements - a thorough and consistent bassline that could be mistaken for a track from Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, a jagged and snappy guitar progression that contorts into an agitated riff with the same unnerving tension, and the persistent undercoat of percussion holding the cragginess together in a tight formation. With its unsettling edge and incessant pulse, the instrumental layers of ‘Pressure’ establish an invigorating backdrop for us to hone in on, with plenty of space to dig deeper into the track’s scathing lyrics.

Layered on top of this gloriously crafted track is the lyrical genius of Siobhan Poynton, who manages to trigger a sense of claustrophobia amongst listeners - a sensation emulated by the pressure felt by Siobhan to uphold a grasp onto the notion of a comfortable job passed down by her parents. However, instead of achieving such comfort, the track wrestles with these societal expectations, the effects of which are suffocating and stifling the narrator, so much so that she’s left considering praying to a higher being. Dumbfounded, Siobhan identifies the faults in conformity, relating it to all those whose life has become a struggle at the hands of the pressure of expectations. Like the forebears of punk, ‘Pressure’ is sure to become an anthem for all those seeking out more than a convenient job and a connection to piety.

With their debut LP set to be released later this month, stay tuned for more fiery social critique from the Sydney outfit.

SCABZ's debut album Pressure is out on Friday November 27th.