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The White Flower Society - Another Shumba
Words by James Lynch
Friday 13th November, 2020
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the debut EP from coastal psych-pop collective The White Flower Society - bursting with layers of playful instrumentation and exuberant percussion, and stacked with colour and charisma, Another Shumba is dance music in the truest sense.
Although described as a side-project from bandleader Mitch Collins’ more ferocious musical endeavours (you might recognise him from garage-psych heavy hitters Phaedo or hardcore-punk bruisers UAV), The White Flower Society is much less an awkward side step for the Geelong-based musician, and more a thrilling change of pace that finds Mitch assuredly coming into his own. Backed by a cluster of coastal friends and bandmates, his debut EP trades in the frenzy of his other projects in favour of something a whole lot blissful.

We’re instantly dunked into Mitch’s kaleidoscopic universe on opening track ‘Nights’, with its swirl of dazzling guitar and flute backed by a contagious groove, and from here on the joyous mood refuses to let up. Next up, ‘Foxy’ is just as relentlessly addictive, and moments later ‘Hip-Tight’ rounds out the EP with the same radiant atmosphere. There are detours in-between of course - ‘Coming Home’ pulls back the pace slightly to drift into a dreamy psych-pop jam, buzzing with tasteful horns and pattering bongos, and ‘Meddle’ finds a happy middle ground amidst 60’s garage-pop and smooth lounge.

Where the EP really shines is in its all-in mentality - across these six tracks, we’re treated to moments of party-starting horns, swarms of groove-heavy percussion, swells of yearning strings, and enough gooey guitar tricks to keep us finding something new on every listen. There’s not many rules on Another Shumba, and there doesn’t need to be - all we really need to do is sit back and let The White Flower Society take us for a joyride.

Another Shumba is out now through Weather Vane Records - head here to purchase the album.