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Kitsch Kitchen - Hills Hoist
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 19th November, 2020
Today we’ve got the pleasure of sharing a sneaky listen to the debut single from emerging producer Kitsch Kitchen before it officially drops tomorrow - fluid, immersive and bathed in an enthralling nostalgic sheen, ‘Hills Hoist’ is a kaleidoscopic introduction to the burgeoning project.
Although recognisable as the seasoned drummer behind Melbourne indie-rockers Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird and R&B powerhouse Francesca Gonzales, Nick Reid has quietly been experimenting with his own blend of playful electronica in the background for years. Finally, he’s ready to step to the front with his own project Kitsch Kitchen today, and invited us into the expansive world he’s been creating with debut single ‘Hills Hoist’.

Opening with the hypnotic whirring of a synth, ‘Hills Hoist’ slowly expands with the introduction of a bouncing keys loop before finally bursting into a woozy soundscape, anchored by a steady backbeat as layers of glimmering synths warp and oscillate around. Just as we feel like we’re settling into the groove, ‘Hills Hoist’ transforms, with the grand entrance of sweeping strings that convert the song’s summery atmosphere into something all the more romantic. It’s fitting that Nick counts The Avalanches and Bonobo as influences, given the way the track continues to morph and warp unpredictably as it unravels, but when the final grooves wash over us as the track rides itself out, the effect is as as contagious as it is disorientating.

Speaking about the song, Nick explains “I wrote this track mostly in one day, it kind of just flowed out. I think that's sometimes when the best music is written, when you switch off a lot of your self-critical impulses and follow your instincts. As a drummer a lot of my approach to music is quite rhythmic which I think comes through in ‘Hills Hoist’, but I've always loved writing long and gentle string parts, which I guess contrasts a lot of the rhythmic pulses.”

It’s a thrilling way to introduce the project to the world that points towards exciting things to come - but untli then, on a day like today it’s the perfect track to pop on to take the edge of this incoming summer’s heat.

'Hills Hoist' is out in all the usual places tomorrow - pre-save it here and keep up to date with Kitsch Kitchen by following them below.