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Feign Jima - Out of Myself
Words by Gabriela Caeli Sumampow
Friday 20th November, 2020
On her debut EP Out of Myself under the newly minted moniker Feign Jima, Melbourne musician Jamie Fanning invites listeners into her enthralling world of serene and soulful psychedelia. From recordings at home, and sessions slipped in between lockdowns, comes three songs of momentary zen-like escapism from the mess 2020 has become.
Although a seasoned musician in her own right - having performed around Melbourne in different formats for the past couple of year - Feign Jima’s debut release today sees Jamie Fanning finally stepping to the forefront for the first time, and the release of Out of Myself couldn’t be more timely. As the summer heat enters just in time for the end of Melbourne's lockdown, this EP is an escapist listen sprinkled with a vintage aesthetic. While Out of Myself is one looking forward to a summer (finally) spent outdoors, each song carries a dash of nostalgia - which makes it as contemplative as it is transportive.

The EP opens with a dreamy, psychedelic wonderland in the form of its lead track 'Garden'. Feign Jima isn’t one to introduce herself with a bang of loud beats and fast melodies, and instead, we’re offered a slow but breathtaking reveal. While it features tranquilizing synths and a steady backbeat, there’s a clear undercurrent of excitement bubbling within that develops further and further as the lyrics unravel. As Feign Jima's silky voice sings "my heartbeat's getting faster", so does ours, right before the song jumps into heavy cymbals in its satisfying post-chorus.

The next track 'Home' is a melancholic story of heartbreak. A complete contrast to the previous track, 'Home' features nothing but calming guitars and Jamie's stunning vocals. The voice that blends the EP's contemplative aspects with its contemporary ones, adding new meaning and emotion to a simple story of a heartbroken protagonist waiting at home, "crying from the inside" - as the lyrics quote, for a lover who left.

But that's where the sadness of the EP ends, as the title track which rounds out the EP shifts the mood once again. We're back to Feign Jima at her most thrilling, but unlike the sedated grooves of 'Garden', this track ends the EP on a joyous note that transitions Jamie’s psychedelic dreamscapes into some alternative rock worth jamming to. 'Out of Myself' also shows us more of Feign Jima's outstanding vocal range, her voice soaring powerfully amidst the waves of shimmering guitar and immersive grooves. The song does not only give listeners a sense of closure to this EP, but also something to look forward to, which is more of what Feign Jima has in store for the future - because like this song, it sure does seem bright.

Out of Myself is out today in all the usual places.