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Gutter Girls - Skin 2 Sin
Words by James Lynch
Friday 20th November, 2020
Back with their second single of the year, Melbourne punk powerhouse Gutter Girls have re-emerged from lockdown with ‘Skin 2 Sin’, a ferocious return to form that’s as thrilling as it is relentless.
Despite being recorded completely separately by the band during the peak of Melbourne’s second lockdown, there’s not much about ‘Skin 2 Sin’ that reveals we’re not hearing Gutter Girls at full capacity. In fact, ‘Skin 2 Sin’ picks up right where previous single ‘The Bullet’ left off, packing the same electric punch of a GG live set with some tightened up production that makes the song feel like it’s set to burst at the seams.

Charged from the get-go, the track storms open with a throttled guitar riff before the girls lock in over a steady groove, the stack of guitar, synth and bass blending into a singular force that relentlessly heaves and pulsates in the best way possible. Considering that vocalist/guitarist Iso Buckley is already pretty fiery upfront, her delivery on ‘Skin 2 Sin’ is somehow even more unhinged - her yelped vocals darting across the track as the momentum builds, and becoming more and more frantic as she spits out each line. If Gutter Girls have gathered a reputation for their irreverent take on punk rock, today’s release seems a little different - agitated from beginning to end and anchored by its commanding energy, ‘Skin 2 Sin’ finds the group at their most volatile yet.

Speaking about the track’s creation, Iso explains, “‘Skin 2 Sin’ was recorded separately in Stage 4 lockdown, thanks to our housemates for assisting (and putting up with) the recording process across our four sharehouses. We followed a crappy voice memo of the track from one of our last practices before 'rona, sharing the layers and recording over each other's parts. Recording solo in lockdown was definitely a different vibe to what we are used to, usually recording live together, but nothing a coupla whisky drys couldn't fix for the ol nerves.”

'Skin 2 Sin' is out now in all the usual places.