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The Fillmores - Moonsurfing EP
Words by Daniel Devlin
Tueday 19th January, 2021
Haphazard and unrestrained in its experimentation, Apollo Bay via Melbourne sextet The Fillmores returned earlier this month with Moonsurfing - a collection of eccentric jangle pop that comes lined with silky hooks and an endearing demo quality, the EP compiles quirky bedroom recordings through the band’s intuitive approach to online collaboration.
It’s been a little over six months since Seamus and Jack Fillmore released music into the world - 
and even then, it was a cover EP comprised of their favourite Neil Young tracks. Created with the help of their mum and released last May under ‘The Fillmore Family Band’ moniker, Cured by Neil Young was the perfect offering during Victoria’s gruelling lockdown. Remaining relatively quiet since then, The Fillmores returned earlier this month with the Moonsurfing EP - an ambitious seven track tape documenting the band’s endearing and evolving sound. Although best known for their earnest brand of colloquial folk-pop,  Moonsurfing leans into lo-fi home recording, taking notes from Flying Nun eccentrism and allowing the group unsurprised freedom to tackle the weirdest corners of jangle. 

Taking this in their stride, the Moonsurfing EP explores two very different sounds for The Fillmores. On one hand, jangly guitar leads and playful Yamaha keyboards propel the group’s knack for pop smarts across tracks ‘i dont know’ and the sharp, hook-driven title track. Trading this infectious guitar-pop for deadpan unpredictability, Moonsurfing defines itself by contrast as it fronts slower, overdubbed experimentations on tracks ‘art’ and ‘ella is learning the clarinet’, each song forming a distinct style while finding unity through Seamus and Jack’s unique musical garnishing. Although not unfamiliar to collaboration, Moonsurfing finds The Fillmores at their most fluid and exploratory, sharing ideas online during last year’s lockdown and having fun without limitations, the EP finds authenticity through its haphazard assembly. 

A few weeks on from its release, we had The Fillmores talk us through Moonsurfing and the inspirations surrounding the EP.
intergalactic train station intro

Ella: I made a voice memo of Glen Huntly Station a while ago because I liked the little polyrhythms between the alarms, sirens and trains. I can't say the intention was to then imitate it on the violin and put it on a Fillmores EP, but here we are.


Seamus: This year I got really into watching videos about physics and space, I think the Youtube algorithm just decided that I needed a new interest. I also found a new appreciation for the cheap Yamaha keyboard I’ve had since Prep, I’ll never need another keyboard – the DJ function is off the charts. I think ‘moonsurfing’ slipped out somewhere between these things, the chords are pretty much the same as my other song on the EP - don’t tell anyone.


Jack: This EP for me was about exploring new instrumentation and song form. This song is a diving board into synthesizers, drum machines and lyrical rambling. I think the blend of Ella and my voice gives the song an asymmetrical delicacy.

i dont know

Seamus: I wrote and recorded this song in about two hours after dinner one night, I turned on the keyboard drum machine and the rest of it kinda just fell out. I can’t remember what I ate for dinner but it must have been good.


Jack: What’s that quote about art, without it the world is just eh? 2020 was a hard year not to get a little self-reflective. Was a good year for bedroom guitar profanity.

ella is learning the clarinet

Ella: I mean the title says it all really.

can't get you outta my head

Jack: I owed this EP an attempt at pop music. No shame in giving the classic's some love.
Moonsurfing is out now in all the usual places. The Fillmores are launching the EP this Thursday, January 21st, at The Retreat Hotel with support from Polly and the Pockets.