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Video Premiere:
Blisstake - Girl
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 11th February, 2021
To accompany the glorious and undeniable pop spirit of their latest single ‘Girl’, emerging synth-pop duo Blisstake have shared a new clip with us which pairs the track’s radiant grooves with woozy charisma and unapologetic pink magnetism.
After introducing themselves to the world in the second half of 2020 with a pair of instantly infectious singles, Blisstake have returned today with a brand new clip for ‘Girl’, the group’s second track to be released and the companion to their debut cut ‘Beauty’, with are both out on 7” vinyl tomorrow thanks to I Heard A Whisper’s Club Seven Project.

Just like ‘Beauty’ did before it, ‘Girl’ comes loaded with waves of shimmering synthesiser textures over an evocative and pulsating groove, while a tangle of sticky melodies wash over us, delivered in vocalist Allie Speers’s disarmingly cool voice. While the duo clearly don’t mind contorting electro-pop with their illusive hooks and glitchy mishmash of live and programmed beats, ‘Girl’ is constantly anchored by their compelling pop smarts and distinct eye for detail.

Created last year in the midst of Melbourne’s isolation by Al and Jessi with the set designed by artist Ceardai Demelza, the new clip perfectly catches the track’s playful atmosphere and intoxicating charm, as the pair perform and interact with their uncanny surrounds. Speaking about the clip, Al shares ”it does feel like a product of isolation. It’s weird, to say the least. It’s like the absurd, acidicly pink queer landscape of my dreams. It’s shot like a bad wedding video, unfortunately not on purpose”.

Beauty / Girl is out now through I Heard A Whisper's Club Seven project - head here to grab a limited 7".