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David M. Western - Take Your Opportunities
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 24th February, 2021
Ahead of its official release tomorrow, we’ve been gifted an early listen to David M. Western’s latest dose of enthralling indie-folk - brimming with daydreamer poeticism and a rustic charisma, ‘Take Your Opportunities’ is a glowing second taste of David’s forthcoming debut album.
The next teaser of what’s to expect from David M. Western’s debut album, ’Take Your Opportunities’ picks up where previous single ‘Instant Life’ left off. However, where ‘Instant Life’ revealed itself with a slow but grandiose unravel, ‘Take Your Opportunities’ is quick to get to the point, instantly sucking us into David’s immersive folk-rock world with its rollicking groove and sprawling storytelling.

After emerging with a tangle of acoustic guitar, ‘Take Your Opportunities’ blossoms open with a rich tapestry of chiming guitars and warming piano, while the leisurely backbeat anchors the track into a sedated groove. Meanwhile, David’s sandy voice sits front and centre, taking command over the meandering instrumentation but with enough of a warble to maintain his understated charm, before the track’s poignancy begins to amount and ultimately washes over us with waves of shimmering organ and sunny hooks.

Speaking about the new track, David shares “this is the second chapter in this journey that I’m trying to detail through my releases. I wrote it almost tongue in cheek about a relationship between two people entering into a relationship. Kind of like a ‘are you serious? I can barely cross the street or behave like a real person. How can you afford to take a chance on me?’. I wanted to ramble off things about these characters whose lives were a hot mess and were also looking at themselves saying ‘is this possible for someone to actually want this?’. With my single before - ‘Instant Life’ - I was detailing what the listener was getting into, now this song reads as a ‘brace yourself. Get ready. We’re going all the way here’.”

'Take Your Opportunities' is out tomorrow in all the usual places.