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The Dawdlers - Surf's Up Buttercup / Sainters
Words by James Lynch
Friday 12th March, 2021
Today we’ve got the pleasure of premiering two doses of raucous pub-punk from rising Ballarat crew The Dawdlers, ahead of their launch party tonight at The Eastern.
Taken from their forthcoming debut album (which is expected later this year through Ballarat’s Heart of the Rat Records), these first two tastes refuse to pull any punches.

First up, ‘Surf’s Up Buttercup’ storms open with a wirey guitar lead over a propulsive backbeat, momentarily hinting that it could be heading into the surf-rock territory that its title suggests. However, when frontman Dewey Pitts steps forwards seconds later, it becomes incredibly clear that’s not the case, his chewed-up vocals instantly adding a new layer of gravelly raucousness to the scene. Naturally, the band are just as keen to follow suit, and they blast things even further with slabs of guitar chords and frantic lead lines while the groove thunders along underneath.

Next along, we’re hit with ‘Sainters’ and somehow The Dawdlers manage to turn the heat up an extra notch or two. Charged from the get-go, ’Sainters’ packs all of The Dawdlers’ strengths into a minute and a half of chaos. A relentless and furious blitz, we’re pummelled by frenzied guitar antics over a breakneck pulse while Dewey is as irreverent as ever, his wild vocals sounding as menacing as they are thrillingly extravagant. All there is to really do is clutch on for the ride.

The Dawdlers are launching both new tracks tonight at The Eastern in Ballarat, with Sacramento Sweaters and Shit Tatts.