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Video Premiere:
Monnone Alone - Feel It Disappearing
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 25th March, 2021
Following the release of ‘Feel It Disappearing’ earlier this month alongside the announcement of Monnone Alone’s forthcoming third album Stay Foggy, we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the charming new clip for the single that picks up the track’s playfulness without fully shaking its gloomy undercurrents.
With the announcement of Monnone Alone’s new album Stay Foggy, it was revealed that this latest record would see bandleader Mark Monnone returning to his project’s origins; that is, crafting his sharp and buoyant nuggets of indie-pop in solitude. This wasn’t necessarily by choice though - rather, the result of being stuck at home through 2020 with no bandmates in sight. However, as one of Melbourne’s most reputable pop songwriters, lead single ‘Feel It Disappearing’ proves Mark Monnone has had no trouble tapping into his greatest strengths from within lockdown.

Over a bubbling groove, ‘Feel It Disappearing’ expands with layers of fuzzed out guitar, woozy organs and sunshine-pop charisma. However, despite the track’s sunny disposition, Monnone sounds weary and dejected, as he grapples with feelings of dread and confusion; particularly so at the track’s pre-chorus as he sighs “when I feel the shadows creep in, feel my happiness end where my sadness begins”, before eventually heading into a radiant outro that could be slightly concerning if it wasn’t so much fun (“I want to lose my mind, tell me if you want it too”). It’s a fitting track to round out a year like 2020, with its audible nervousness and exhaustion. But equally so, its joyous spirit makes the song feel just as appropriate to pop on to take our minds away from it all, even for a brief moment.

Filmed in Point Cook, Victoria by Simon Fazio, the new clip manages to lean into both of the track’s contradicting sides. Between shots of Mark performing barefooted in the open air or staring earnestly down the lens of the camera, we’re shown shots of cobweb covered machinery and rusted structures. The message is clear; he might be on the beach right now, but that doesn’t mean the weather isn’t going to be shit. But just like the song, it’s a whole lot of fun to tune in on, and as the clip’s continues on with every charming twist and turn, it’s very easy to stay hooked.

'Feel It Disappearing' is out officially tomorrow all the usual places - head to to purchase the single on limited 7" vinyl. Monnone Alone will be launching the single on Saturday April 17th at The Curtin joined by Girlatones and Deuce, with tickets available here.

Stay Foggy is set to drop in July through Emotional Response (US), Lost And Lonesome (Australia), Meritorio (Spain) and Royal Mint (Finland).