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Hollywood Real Thoughts - Hydra
Words by James Lynch
Friday 26th March, 2021
Alongside their album launch livestream that went live last night on Twitch, today we’ve got the pleasure of taking a first look at Hollywood Real Thoughts' disorientating second album Hydra - a mix of turbulent soundscapes, evocative ambience and murky electronica that ties together into a surrealist 40 minute listening trip.
At times haunting and chaotic and others meditative, Hydra sees Hollywood Real Thoughts (the project of local multi-instrumentalist and producer Dermot Seller) traversing through an array of styles and moods to create a disarming entrance point into the project’s expansive world.

Blending moments of psychedelia, post-punk and experimental music together to create an otherworldly and forever evolving blur of electronica, Hydra makes for a completely immersive listen, and even as the atmospheres shift and warp we’re held captivated amidst the sprawl.

From beginning to end, Hydra remains elusively transportive. From the opening title track with its unnerving production and sinister vocals (courtesy of Obelia Waxwing’s Rebecca Williams), through to the glitchy grooves of ‘Colossus’, and rounded out by the eerily blissful closing track ‘Drowsy’ which finally spirals into the album’s most transcendental moment, we’re treated to a sonic journey that’s as mindful and focused as it is grippingly turbulent.

Hydra is out today through 56k Records.