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Video Premiere:
Cynthia - Dead Eyes
Words by James Lynch
Tuesday 8th June, 2021
Following on from the release of their latest single ‘Dead Eyes’, rising synth-pop duo Cynthia have returned today to build on the immersive world they’re creating, with an evocative visual accompaniment that elevates the track’s turbulent grooves and sinister atmosphere into something all the more unnerving.
Emerging with a wall of glowing synthesisers, that blur together over a grimy bass and stark drum machine, ‘Dead Eyes’ is instantly as vivid as it is illusive. While the synth layers float around hypnotically, Amy Jackson’s vocals are menacing and right to the point, delivered with a touch of venom that contends with the evocative instrumental. For a track as minimal as this, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into - whether that’s the illustrious soundscape, the murky hooks or the turbulent undercurrent that simmers deceivingly beneath the surface from start to finish.

Today the duo have shared a new clip for the track, created by Wild Rose Media, that offers us a further glimpse into the world that Cynthia are creating with their music. Building on the track’s sinister atmosphere, there’s something quite cult-ish about the video, with the supernatural motifs and the duo’s unnerving, looming stares. Tied together by the grainy super-8 visuals, it’s a disorientating watch that’s just as immersive, leaving us especially excited to see where Cynthia take things next.

Cynthia are performing at The Cactus Room on June 26th as part of Dark FOMO 2, alongside Hearts and Rockets and USER. 'Dead Eyes' will also be included on a forthcoming split 7" with USER, head to to grab yourself a copy.