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Chet Sounds - Bleu/Strawberry Jam
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 16th June, 2021
Today we have the pleasure of premiering two new doses of intoxicating psych-pop from rising Sydney songsmith Chet Sounds, giving us another glimpse of the evocative world Chet’s creating on his forthcoming debut album, due out next month through Third Eye Stimuli.
Less than a month ago, Sydney’s favourite champions of psychedelia Third Eye Stimuli introduced us to Chet Sounds - the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Chet Tucker. Some might recognise Chet as the drummer of The Uplifting Bell Ends, and while his solo work does share similarities with his other group’s oddball psych excursions, his own project truly celebrates his eye for unpredictably adventurous songwriting.

New single ‘Bleu’ is quick to make this point clear, with its tangle of colourful sound and undeniable groove. After opening with a flurry of warm keys and squelching guitars over a stomping beat, the track quickly detours to put Chet’s hazy vocals on display, chiming lazily through the kaleidoscope of careening rhythms and heady pop-smarts. Continually expansive, the track eventually rounds out with the one-two of an earworming guitar solo followed by an otherworldly keys break, before finally setting to leave us lounging in its balmy glow.
To accompany the release of ‘Bleu’, Chet has also shared a warped clip for another album track ‘Strawberry Jam’, an instrumental jam-out that may just serve as a centrepiece for the entire forthcoming album to revolve around. Across the track’s two and a half minutes, we’re shown the immense scope of Chet’s musicianship, as he ties bold and restless synths together with freewheeling guitars and pulsating grooves, to create a singular blast of enigmatic pop. With a clip that’s just as playful, it’s an immersive taste of where the album may take us when it finally drops, but until then Chet's given us more than enough to sink our teeth into.

Chet Sounds' debut album is due out on Friday July 9th through Third Eye Stimuli Records - head to to pre-order the album on limited cassette.