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Video Premiere:
Lisa Caruso - Borrow My Body (Live)
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 7th July, 2021
A twist on the evocative sounds of her debut album In Feelings, today Sydney songwriter Lisa Caruso has shared with us a stripped-back live clip for ‘Borrow My Body’, blending mournful and dreamy as she offers a stunning re-imagining of the album highlight.
Lisa Caruso’s debut album In Feelings was a stunning introduction into the Sydney singer-songwriter’s world of brooding and impassioned indie-rock. Perhaps the only downside to the record was that it was released in 2020, where the explosive catharsis of the album could only be radiated onto audiences in limited settings.

It’s fitting then, that eight months later, after of a series of duo performances, Lisa has shared a new look at album highlight ‘Borrow My Body’, which reinstates the evocative track as an intimate and stirring slowburner. While the original take was anchored by a sense of turbulence that continually rumbled beneath the stripped-back instrumentation, this time Lisa’s smoky voice and the minimal guitar-work is unrivalled.

However, paired with looming shots of Lisa and guitarist Benjamin Fletcher performing in an empty room in front of a grandiose red curtain, the result is perhaps all the more commanding - with nothing to distract us, all we can do is hang onto every poignant line that Lisa delivers in her powerful drawl as the track unravels gorgeously.
In Feelings is out now in all the usual places. You can catch Lisa performing on August 5th at Waywards in Sydney, and August 14th at Small Time in Melbourne.