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Video Premiere:
Nina Gotsis - Frozen River
Words by James Lynch
Monday 19th July, 2021
Ahead of the release of her forthcoming debut EP Music Colours, Sydney songwriter Nina Gotsis has shared another taste with ‘Frozen River’, a dose of vibrant indie-folk paired with an equally playful new clip.
With 15 years of songwriting under her belt, Nina Gotsis recently teamed up with Club Weld, a Sydney-based studio for neurodiverse musicians, to put a collection of her songs to tape for the first time. The result is Music Colours, seven moments of imaginative and incisive acoustic-driven pop that give listeners a ephemeral glimpse at Nina’s unique worldview.

Like its name hints, first single ‘Endless Country’ was a country-tinged jaunt that unravelled around rollicking chords and chiming guitar leads, and with its release today, ‘Frozen River’ reveals Nina’s eye for joyous pop smarts. Again driven by warm guitar strums, the track expands with a laidback melody that spirals around the chords and continually finds new territory to explore as the lyrics stretch out. It’s simple and to the point, but just as immersive; or as guitarist/vocalist Toby Martin shares “I love singing Nina’s songs. I feel I can really get inside them, and live in them. And what a beautiful world it is to live in.”

Accompanying the single release today is a new clip created by visual artist and animator Helena Papageorgiou. Immediately blending with the track’s playful imagery, Helena has masterfully re-imagined the world of ‘Frozen River’, allowing us to fully enter into Nina Gotsis’ fantastical universe of warmth and colour.

Music Colours is out on Monday August 2nd - head to to pre-order the EP on limited CD.