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Pyrex - I Want Love
Words by James Lynch
Monday 21st March, 2022
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the debut single from burgeoning Ballarat four-piece Pyrex - an enthralling dose of thoughtful and to-the-point psychedelia, ‘I Want Love’ plays as a stunning introduction into the group’s evocative world.
After coming to life in the downtime of the past two years between Arian Lane and Jordan Hicks in Ballarat on Wadawurrung and Dja Dja Wurrung land, today Pyrex have entered the fold seemingly fully formed. With an extensive background playing in local acts (Drowsy Maggies, Contrast, Bench Press and Honey Hunter to name a few), the group have managed to skip the need for any teething time and instead have arrived with a self-assured and completely realised sound, an enigmatic blend of meandering psychedelia with hints of classic folk and cutting indie-rock.

After the track is introduced with a hypnotic guitar line over a stuttering backbeat, ‘I Want Love’ expands open with Arian’s glistening vocals, a rich tapestry of placid guitar chimes, restless bass interplay and ghostly harmonies blossoming around her composed performance. The soundscape is simultaneously lush and understated as the track slowly unravels to lure us into a glorious haze, becoming more evocative with every harmonic shift and otherworldly new layer. As we hit the final minute of ‘I Want Love’, Pyrex push the track to breaking point with a searing guitar solo that cuts over the ebbing instrumentation to add an extra touch of turbulence to the whole experience, before the band revert back to the track’s simmering origins, allowing all the emotional weight that had been building up in the background to finally crash over us.

Speaking about the track, Arian shares “’I Want Love’ was initially written as an analysis of a personal relationship that I was in, as well as relationships that people around me were experiencing. I was frustrated with bad communication, a lack of independence and black and white thinking. We hope to have a music video to follow at some point soon, which will possibly feature some friends having a dance in a barn. Stay tuned."

'I Want Love' is out everywhere today. Follow Pyrex below to keep up to date.