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Blanco Tranco - Devil's Ivy
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 30th March, 2022
Ahead of their single launch tomorrow night at Nighthawks, we’ve got the pleasure of sharing ‘Devil’s Ivy’ from rising indie-pop group Blanco Tranco, a radiant taster of where the band’s burgeoning sound is heading next.
Blanco Tranco have returned today with another taste of their self-described “melancholic surf”. While the song was originally released as a cassette-only bonus track, ‘Devil’s Ivy’ more than stands up on its own, a fitting continuation of the sounds heard on their debut while also showcasing the seemingly effortless chemistry between the band.

A two minute dose of frenetic indie-pop, ‘Devil’s Ivy’ expands around a buoyant groove alongside a tangle of chiming guitar, a touch guitarist Matt describes as “a love letter to The Smiths” (he also includes “please don't sue me Johnny Marr!”). Moments later, vocalist Tiff emerges with a delicate yet cutting vocal performance, her words loaded with emotion as she weaves around the ebbing instrumentation. It’s a well timed release for Blanco Tranco that seems to evoke the changing seasons - mimicking the final hints of Melbourne summer slowing fading, the gleaming layers of sound feel similarly nostalgic as the track dissipates, joyous yet wistful all the same.

Speaking about the meaning behind her lyrics, Tiff shares “I wrote ‘Devil’s Ivy’ as kind of a playful look at those weird relationships where you're really bad for each other but you just can't seem to stay away from each other - like you've kinda gotta get your shit together but you still wanna vibe.” Good news for the vibers out there though - you can catch Blanco Tranco tomorrow night at Nighthawks as they launch the new single alongside Asha Ryder West and Close In.

'Devil's Ivy' is out officially in all the usual places tomorrow.