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Mature Themes - Monochrome
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 6th April, 2022
Today we have the pleasure of premiering ‘Monochrome’, the debut single from emerging local act Mature Themes, a blast of penetrating garage-psychedelia that drags us into the volatile world of the brand new project.
Taking shape around a series of lockdown demos recording across 2021, Mature Themes, the new project of Melbourne songwriter Aaron Hoernlein, has burst to life today with the release of debut single ‘Monochrome’, a track that instantly defies its namesake as it arrives loaded with colour and charisma.

After disarming us with the introduction of a lazily jangled guitar, ‘Monochrome’ erupts into a wall of sound, swamping us in a barrage of fuzzed-out chords and looming lead guitar lines, all while a rollocking groove thunders underneath. Immersive and relentless from the get-go, the instrumental layers pile around Aaron’s rich blown-out vocals, his dynamic delivery cutting through the mix as the soundscape surges alongside him. Somehow, ‘Monochrome’ comes across as equally powerful and effortless, its sun-kissed chords and snowballing grooves blurring into the sheer force that drives the track, making every searing chorus or enigmatic solo section all the more thrilling.

With this frenzied energy in mind, Aaron explains that the track shares similarly turbulent themes. As he tells us, “'Monochrome' is about old friends and relationships that you might miss and think about rekindling, but upon reflecting you realise you’re far different people than you used to be and maybe it’s best to just leave things be. I had the chord progression around for a little while, and then one day after going down a rabbit hole of nostalgia all the lyrics just started writing themselves. After layering a bunch of guitars and droney synths the song finally came together, and my friend Winter Mcquinn jumped on percussion which added a whole new groove that just breathed even more life into it.”

'Monochrome' is out everywhere this Friday, April 8th.