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10 Questions with Private Wives
Words and interview by Jack Golding
Saturday 23rd April, 2022

Our friends at Johnston St have brought Wollongong garage-punk powerhouse Private Wives down to Melbourne for a massive weekend of shows, and to properly introduce them to the local crowd, Jack Golding has served them with some hard hitting questions.
Private Wives have stormed into Melbourne for their first interstate tour this weekend, playing three shows in Melbourne. A last minute replacement supporting Sydney mates Enclave at The Old Bar on Friday 22nd, headlining at The Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar on Saturday 23rd and supporting the mighty Tumbleweed at The Croxton Bandroom on Sunday 24th April.

The band consists of Lucy (bass/guitar), Phoebe (vocals/guitar) and Zoe (vocals/drums) who have all grown up together in Wollongong. Their fiery vocals and riffs will suit fans of Melbourne punk bands like Baby Mullet, Property and Sandy Dish who they all play with on Saturday. What a coincidence! Wollongong blow-in and half of show promoters Johnston St, Jack Golding attempts to stir drama within the group.
Describe Private Wives in 3 words.

Confronting, unapologetic, fun

Who are you musical influences with Private Wives?

L7, Ashnikko, Veruca Salt, Jack Off Jill, Ke$ha.

Which one of you will be the first Private Wife? (i.e. married first)

(group points at Phoebe)

You sing a lot about your experiences as women in music and work, what’s the sweetest justice you’ve had with a shit cunt at work or a gig?

We played a gig with Tumbleweed at Lalalas in Wollongong, a random dude came up and asked if we could play a Sticky Fingers cover. We them told him to fuck off because we don’t support abusers in music. We then dedicated our song “Pity Party” for him. The rest of the crowd cheered us on and ushered him and his mates out of the venue. Let’s just say they spent a lot of money to get in there lol.

Fuck Marry Kill - Hospo, Retail, Office Work?

Lucy: fuck hospo, marry retail, kill office work
Phoebe: fuck hospo, marry office work, kill retail
Zoe: fuck office work, marry retail, kill hospo

Who is the biggest outfit thief in the band?

Lucy for sure. We always end up sharing our closet with her.

How has the experience been booking your first tour? Are you excited?

It’s been really exciting! We have been super lucky to have Jack at Johnston St help organise the bands we are playing with and get to know the bands so far before we even meet them. We are super excited to see Sandy Dish and Baby Mullet perform especially! We are big on always booking women fronted bands!

You haven’t visited Wollongong unless you’ve…?

Until you’ve seen Lucy chuck a squat in a random spot…. Somewhere she shouldn’t haha.

Which band/s do you think you’ll end up with at Revolver this weekend?

Definitely Sandy Dish, Baby Mullet and Property! We love their energy and just know we will have a killer time after the show with them!

Do you think you’ll love Melbourne more than Sydney after this tour?

Most likely haha. We love NSW, but Sydney can be such a drain, so it’s nice to switch it up a bit.
Private Wives have their Melbourne headline debut tonight at The Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar, with support from Sandy Dish, Baby Mullet and Property. Grab a ticket here.