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Video Premiere:
Maxwell Brady - Faces In The Flowers
Words by James Lynch
Wednesday 4th May, 2022
Following on from the release of his debut single last year, Maxwell Brady has shared an evocative new clip with us today for ‘Faces In The Flowers’, a majestic visual journey that pairs perfectly with the tune’s lilting instrumentation and unassuming charm.
Late last year, Maxwell Brady (aka Geelong-based songsmith Max Fletcher) shared his debut 7” single under the freshly minted moniker, two cuts of delightfully psychedelic folk-pop that expanded around delicate guitar tangles and his personable, radiant vocals. Recorded with Forever Son’s Jack Robbins at his Dark Barn Studio, the two tracks came loaded with a wistful and sun-soaked charisma, and despite their modest arrangements, swarm with colour and vibrancy.

Today Maxwell has shared the stunning video accompaniment to the 7”s lead track ‘Faces In The Flowers’. Directed by Jackson Hayat, the clip seems to evoke the same pastoral mysticism of the track, its balmy instrumentation pairing perfectly with the slow moving shots and surrealist narrative.

Speaking to Max, he tells us the song is “my ode to springtime AKA the best season”, and there’s an undeniable sense of the season’s renewing warmth in both the track and clip, making for a viewing experience that’s equally striking and comforting.

Maxwell Brady's debut single 'Faces In The Flowers' is out now via There & Back Again Records - head here to grab a copy on 7" vinyl.
Photo by Jesse Fletcher