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Video Premiere:
Julz Evans - Social Cues
Words by James Lynch
Monday 30th May, 2022
Following the release of his single ‘Social Cues’ earlier this year, local songwriter Julz Evans has shared an evocative new clip with us today that pairs perfectly with the track’s wistful indie-folk atmosphere.
Originally from Perth and currently based in Melbourne, Julz Evans is a trans musician who’s spent the better part of the last decade serving the local scene, with his own solo project and as the bassist of acts Eaglemont, Erin Will Be Mad and Edith Lane. Between his band commitments, he’s been steadily releasing music under his own name for years, and his forthcoming EP Gestation marks his first extended release since 2014. Recorded throughout 2016/2017, Julz has shared that Gestation is “a tribute to the trans community”, as it was recorded shortly after he started hormone replacement therapy, with each track periodically showcasing his deepening voice.

The EP’s opening track ’Social Cues’ is an instantly alluring introduction to the world of the new EP. Largely built around a twinkling acoustic guitar coupled with a tender vocal performance from Julz, the track expands around his potent lyricism, its rich emotional weight heightened by the minimalist soundscape that slowly blossoms open with expressive strings and a rattling backbeat. It’s equally poignant and playful, especially so as the band ramps up for a final chorus that catches Julz’s voice beaming, even while the tune’s bittersweet tinges gleam through.

The new clip, created by local videographer Eva Otsing, perfectly tangles with the track’s evocative ebb and flow. Made up of grainy visuals taken from a 2017 roadtrip alongside recent footage of Julz performing stoically in a practice space, the clip manages to embody the themes of escapism and change that flow through the song, while radiating a joyous warmth that makes the entire viewing experience all the more stirring.

Julz's new EP Gestation is out in August - head to to pre-order the EP on limited vinyl. Catch Julz and his band on Thursday June 2nd as they launch the single and video at LongPlay in Fitzroy - get tickets here.