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Dr Mann - Ciggies
Words by James Lynch
Tuesday 31st May, 2022
His third single release in just five months, Dr Mann is back today with ‘Ciggies’, a dose of crisp, easy-going psychedelia that continues to reveal the Sunshine Coast artist’s blossoming sound.
Sunshine Coast based songwriter and producer Danny Mann is on track for a busy year; in late 2021 he unveiled his brand new solo project under the nickname Dr Mann and since then has shared a string of singles in the lead up to a forthcoming debut EP later this year. Despite only having three official tracks released so far, we’ve already been shown the scope of the project’s burgeoning sound - debut single ‘Stubborn Mule’ leant into woozy alt-country atmospheres and ‘Spinning In Circles’ got straight to the point with its indie-rock chug, and now these tracks have coalesced into his gloriously lethargic third single ‘Ciggies’.

Built around a slacker backbeat as dreamy guitars float effortlessly on top, we’re instantly immersed in Dr Mann’s sonic universe at its most intoxicating. For the most part, Danny’s vocals are hushed and heady as the song unravels, adding an alluring touch to the hazy soundscape, but when bandmate Ines Burton joins in on the chorus, the laid-back atmosphere is suddenly anchored down as each dreamy hook cuts through. Topped off with an evocative spoken word section, crisp production and its potent groove, it’s a vivid third taster as the shapeshifting world of Dr Mann continues to expand open.

Peaking our curiosity, Danny says about the track, “‘Ciggies’ was one of those songs where the chorus and melody all happened in one single jam in an instant. The lyrics seem kinda obvious as to what it's about but they are actually quite misleading. The real meaning is quite abstract with a subliminal meaning. I hope it can relate to the listeners and they can take their own meaning from the song.”

'Ciggies' is out today in all the usual places.