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December -
A chat with Maddy Petch
Words and interview by James Lynch
Tuesday 7th June, 2022
Following its release last month, we caught up with emerging indie-pop talent Maddy Petch to delve into her radiant debut single ‘December’ and to find out what might go down at its launch show at The Leadbeater this Thursday.
Despite having just released her debut single, Maddy Petch has already garnered some pretty impressive accolades to her name. While still at university in Melbourne, she was sharing stages with the likes of Cub Sport and Ainslie Wills, and in 2019 she received a scholarship to study songwriting at Popakademie in Mannheim, Germany. She’s back in town now, bringing with her a wealth of experience and craft, something that’s very much noticeable in the self-assurance and charisma that flows throughout ‘December’.

Built around a tangle of breezy guitar leads over a rollicking groove, ‘December’ expands open around Maddy’s vibrant vocals, each of her hooks drifting effortlessly over the easy-going instrumentation. While the track instantly feels playful and spirited, it refuses to sit still for its four minute runtime - one moment, we’re being lured into an evocative mid-section, the next a joyous solo break. Ultimately, ‘December’ leaves plenty of space for Maddy’s expressive vocals and charming lyrics to lead the way as the track unfolds around it, the instrumentation masterfully conjuring the perfect atmosphere to pair with her delightful brand of storytelling.

To get to know Maddy and her new single a little better, we got in touch for a chat.
TJ: Hey Maddy, how’s it going? For the unacquainted, want to tell us a bit about yourself?

I am an alternative-indie singer songwriter born and raised (mostly) in Melbourne. I ventured out overseas solo when I was 19 to London, and moved all over! I have coined myself as a ball of emotion with legs historically, and put all of those feelings and stories into my music.

You’ve just shared your debut single ‘December’ - what’s the story behind the new track?

‘December’ is a song devoted to being whisked away into the unknown and embracing it with every bit of you. I actually started writing the chords for it when I was in London. Little did I know it would become the time capsule for that time of my life later on.

By the sounds of it, you’ve worked on your music in a number of different spots around the globe. Is there a specific location that comes to mind when you listen to ‘December’? And is there a best location/situation for a listener to be in when listening?

I have! Yes actually. I vividly remember standing on the shore of Sunderland beach in England, waiting for an Uber with my friends to head into Newcastle for a night out. It was the first time I heard waves crashing on sand since I’d left Australia - and I was surprised when I started tearing up. I was reminded in a second of how far I was, and had come all at once. Then we went and had a mad boogie in town. If there is a place or a thing that makes you feel unchained, untethered and the driver of your life when you’re in it - ‘December’ is your soundtrack for that.

You’ve got a bit of an all-star band joining you on ‘December’ - what was the process of bringing this song from its original idea into its fully realised form? Is collaboration a part of this project or does it feel more like a vessel for your own expression?

I do indeed. The track started with a few simple chords and melodies scattered around and recorded in my phone - and then once I came back to Melbourne, I was in the studio with my now drummer Miguel Hutton and was showing him the idea just as we were packing down. He was set on fleshing out a form for the song before we left, so we did, and then I went home to finished the lyrics off and there we had the bones of ‘December’. From there it was a lot of sharing the demo around to people who added their colours in, and slowly built up a collection of ideas that created the track heard today! So yes, massively collaborative, and I would go as far as to say that studio moment with Miggs was replicated when working with people on the song, and for that I’m grateful.

You’re launching the single, what can punters expect from a Maddy Petch live show? Anything special going down at this show in particular?

We do have a couple of little tricks for the evening, it’s all quite a new project and the band and I are excited to share what we’ve been working on officially if you will. A live show from us can be expected to provide a laugh, a cry, and a boogie. Tick any box that applies and you’re probably at a Maddy Petch show.

What’s up next for Maddy Petch?

The band and I are working behind the scenes to get the next single underway, and we hope to share it with the world later this year. From there, who knows, more singles? EP? Music videos? You name it, we’re excited for it all.

And finally, a classic TJ question, what’s your perfect Sunday?

Perfect Sunday is an unplanned one if you ask me. Anything goes kind of day. It might be absolutely nothing, it might end up you elbows deep into making peach danishes because you found a new recipe on Tiktok (true story). The anything can happen day of the week. Oh and a Sunday roast does go off.
'December' is out now in all the usual places. Catch Maddy and her band launching the single at the Leadbeater Hotel on Thursday June 9th - grab a ticket here.