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Mature Themes - Why Won’t You Listen?
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 16th June, 2022
Hot on the heels of their debut single from earlier this year, Mature Themes have returned with 'Why Won’t You Listen?', a next dose of frenetic and acute garage-rock that showcases another side to the project with its expansive instrumentation and critical themes.
Following on from the release of ‘Monochrome’ earlier this year, the second taste of rising garage-rock crew Mature Themes begins to reveal the broadening scope of the project. Where ‘Monochrome’ was somewhat ruthless in its delivery, with blown-out rock ’n’ roll chords and a propulsive groove driving the track, ‘Why Won’t You Listen?’ is perhaps a little more crafty, revealing the songwriting smarts that hide beneath the layers of scuzz and noise.

Once again, ‘Why Won’t You Listen?’ is lead by the visceral chime of an electric guitar over a swampy rhythm section, but this time around bandleader Aaron Hoernlein allows a bit more space for the tune to unravel. After an extended intro featuring a tangle of radiant leadlines swirling together immaculately, Aaron’s rich yelp takes the limelight, and only then does the instrumentation level up, cranking the heat to match his stern delivery and sending us into a fiery chorus. While the track is a touch more psychedelic than their previous endeavour, rather than sounding loose or rambling, this atmosphere cleverly enables ‘Why Won’t You Listen?’ to come across as more incisive; its broader soundscape making every direct vocal or sharp guitar line feel all the more impactful.

Speaking about the track, Aaron had to say, “lyrically the song is about feeling frustrated at our governments for their sheer negligence towards, and lack of real action against, climate change. It's an all too common occurrence these days to see headlines around the world about devastating natural disasters, historic temperatures and unprecedented weather events that are only getting worse. It's all so exhausting, and it's that exasperation that the song stems from.”

'Why Won’t You Listen?' is out in all the usual places tomorrow.