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They Made Me Do It -
Talking Influences with Dole Manchild
Words by James Lynch
Monday 18th July, 2022
Following the release of their new single ‘CONSUMER GOODS!’ yesterday, we got in touch with Melbourne chargers Dole Manchild to dig into the influences behind their latest all-consuming weirdo-punk blitz.
Hot on the heels of their latest EP YEAR OF THE DOLE!, rising punk powerhouse Dole Manchild have returned with ‘CONSUMER GOODS!’, a new blast of their fried garage stylings that continue to expand on the group’s burgeoning sound. Where the previous EP managed to simultaneously hark back to the bedroom recording origins of the project as well as their raucous live band presence, on ‘CONSUMER GOODS!’ Dole Manchild fully lean into the frenzy with their swarming nine-piece lineup in full flight.

After opening with a reckoning yelp, the track races into a searing groove, as gritty bass and sharp guitars mix together beneath frontman Dan Blitzman’s shapeshifting vocals. Moments later, ‘CONSUMER GOODS!’ charges to pick up a full garage-punk stomp, Dan’s howl tangling with stern blasts of trumpet, all while the band careen furiously behind. Over its near four minute runtime, Dole Manchild pack in as many twists and turns as possible but refuse to let the energy drop at any point - which means when the track does suddenly grind to a halt, we’re left feeling as disorientated as we are thrilled.

To help us get to know the new single a little better, Dan was kind enough to pull back the curtain and share some key influences on ‘CONSUMER GOODS!’ with us.

Squid - ‘Houseplants’
The way they meld together different sound fusions while staying true to an honest timbre - a feeling that the vocalist and guitar work is coming from a sincere and individual place - is something that I've strived for and has started to show not only with this track but also with the upcoming EP no 3. Songs are just about getting to know yourself a little more. The more effort you put into writing them the more you get out. And sometimes you don't know what you have till way later down the track but sometimes you can feel that there's a true vibration there that's all your own and people can pick up on that immediately.

John Baldessari
John's work as an artist and the amazing Tom Waits YouTube video on his art process about how he destroyed all his works from 1953-1966 for the sake of 'not making any more boring art' was very inspiring sonically for us during the making of ‘CONSUMER GOODS!’. We needed to shake things up again to get away from the quirky garage angle. As a result, exploring a live sound was on the agenda for this one. Bigger and broader in scope and with trumpet. I've always orchestrated the tracks and consider myself more a conductor than a producer, so it was fun to have that brass angle to work with. Recording with a live band of eight gave us a temporary feeling of just having started the band all over again (even though the project is only nine months old). Sonically a live sound isn't better or worse than the previous two EPs, it's just different and different is good when you're like us and are pumping out twenty odd songs a year.

Jane's Addiction
For the upcoming music video, my cinematographer and I did some 'research' on supermarket themed music videos. That research was us eating pizza and watching YouTube. Our video (unreleased so far because we got ambitious and tried to incorporate three different film mediums and counting) stands out because it was made on a budget of nothing except for the super 8 film, which was a real challenge to use. Jane's ‘Been Caught Stealing’ video is the holy grail of supermarket videos and as a result I just wanted to know what not to do and what we couldn't afford to do. We used our weaknesses and our lack of funds to our advantage by exploiting the interesting sides of our personalities and surroundings. That stuff don't cost a thing.

Rip it Up and Start Again by Simon Reynolds

Got this from a record store in Abbotsford and it's changed the way I see not only post punk but the process of creativity (which if you know me you know I won't shut up about). Getting ‘CONSUMER GOODS!’ done was a real spiritual process with many different levels that go far beyond the song itself. The song is the by-product of the journey. And I feel that this book is extremely relevant to the band’s journey even if I only read it last week. To see what the future may hold we have look to the past and pick up the baton where the other pioneers have left off. If pushing the medium is your agenda (and it is for me) then reading books like these on the history of post punk is super useful in seeing which ideas are fresh and refined and which ones have already been unearthed and furthermore; finding new ways to make those old ideas exciting. We're in a position where we shouldn't be settling for what's been done before... there is still so much groundbreaking work to do and the sooner everyone understands that the sooner we're going to have the next great musical decade (or at least a few more cool tunes).

Good Morning
A sonic influence doesn't have to be sonically relevant. I've played their song ‘Oppsie’ more than any other song this year. Maybe it's the lo-fi aesthetic and again the making do with as little as possible ethos. Here we've taken concepts that we'd explored previously with ‘GREEN GODDESS’ and expanded on them with ‘CONSUMER GOODS!’, while keeping everything as stripped back to the core as possible. I'm sure it's worth mentioning even if comparing the two is like comparing oil to water. Maybe by listening to relaxing music I am devoid of the need to create it? Believe me I've tried.

Bauhaus - ‘Bela Lugosi's Dead’
I just wanted to include this record because there's a few songs in my life that have shaped me as a musician and this and John Frusciantes 'Estrus' have had a profound effect on me as a human. And I like how they sound! Not everything's so deep!

‘CONSUMER GOODS!’ is out now in all the usual places.