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Video Premiere:
The Blamers - Hook, Line & Sinker
Words by James Lynch
Thursday 8th September, 2022
Following the release of their electric debut single ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ last month, rising garage-rockers The Blamers are back at it again with a glorious new clip that takes the track’s fishing themes a few steps further.
Fronted by Sydney garage-punk workhorse Nick Nuisance and first time rocker Isobella Grist, The Blamers are a rising NSW group with the sole focus of “simplifying rock back to its basic proto-punk form”. Their debut single ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ is an immediate winner; like its name suggests, it’s quick to hook you in with its relentless, scrappy guitar work and swaggering groove, and Isobella’s vibrant vocals seal the deal as soon as they step into the limelight. Now just a few weeks on from the single’s release, the pair have offered up an accompanying clip that picks up the contagious energy of the track, telling a chaotic fishing tale that ends up equally as raucous and fun as the tune.

Speaking about the track, Nick shares ”this is the first song we ever wrote when we were fucking around trying to write 60s songs. Bella had never sung in front of me before and we had just started dating. I heard her sing 'Time Of The Season' by The Zombies in the car and said, “we're making a” and got out my guitar when we got home. Bella mentioned she loved how 'hook, line and sinker' sounded and I quickly wrote a riff and Bella worked on some lyrics. About 20 minutes later, the song was done. There's a few terrible demos lying around somewhere but we started doing shows and realised slow 60s songs aren't that fun to play live, so we sped it up.

The clip came about in much the same way after a few tequila sodas a couple of weeks ago. We both have very short attention spans and I wrote up a storyboard with Bella yelling in my ear in about half an hour. Our friend Tim Baker had always said he wanted to film a clip for us after listening to our very first (crappy) demo. So, we called him the next morning and filmed it a few days later. It's not really a fishing song, but we couldn't avoid making it one and we lived on the south coast at the time."

With an introduction as addictive as this, it’s safe to say The Blamers are a catch - that’s a fishing pun.

'Hook, Line and Sinker' is out now.